When technology 'push' becomes technology 'pull'

22nd of December 2015 Article by Rob den Hertog
When technology 'push' becomes technology 'pull'

Many new and smart technologies are entering the cleaning market. But is it because of the demand from the end-user/customer or is it because of the manufacturers need to differentiate from their competitors? Rob den Hertog, project manager for the ISSA/Interclean series of exhibitions, writes his latest blog for ECJ.

For many decades already electronics has been adding value to ordinary, day-to-day equipment. With the first TV my parents owned we needed to stand up to change between the two channels that were available. Two TV stations.

Then there was a cable added and you were able to change channels sitting on the couch. Remote control technology, a simple chip and infra-red controllers changed the TV world drastically. And that all for a couple of euros. So now look at an average household - I think I personally have about 10 remote controls.

Being on a side line of the cleaning industry as an organiser of a cleaning show, I noticed an increasing number of smart solutions since I started in 2004. These solutions are designed for and fitted to electronics already available, nowadays also combined with location-based sensor technology and internet connection to meet smartphone requirements.

Most technologies are available at very low prices and produced in millions of pieces and put into smartphones. As many cleaners own a smartphone, they are already users of all these interesting technologies.

From push to pull.

The industry is waiting for a technology pull, rather than the current push developments. How often does a customer call you and asks you for a smart device including an easy user interface, location sensor and connection to the internet? Does he want the change?

What will happen when you shift to actively inform him on the benefits of this solution for this business? I think he will be very interested once he sees the advantages of all his machines, equipment and devices to be smart and connected. This will give him insight in how the new solution will profit his business.

There is a saying - what you do not measure you can't manage! So when the customer is convinced of the advantages and possibilities it will become a pull, all his new equipment then has to be smart and connected and his dashboard will give him all the information to manage his cleaning activities.

During ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam we have many demonstrations of the smart technology that is available in and developed for the sector. It's our challenge to present you a complete overview of the benefits for you in our InnovationLab and in the Management & Mobility Solutions pavilion.

This pavilion will double in size since we started in 2014, look out for it and be inspired by the possibilities to better manage your cleaning service or washroom.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam takes place from May 10-13 2016. For details visit: www.issainterclean.com


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