Snapchat and connecting using geofilters

2nd of August 2017 Article by Laura Napper
Snapchat and connecting using geofilters

Laura Napper, managing director of Twilight Cleaning and Facilities Management, continues her series of exclusive blogs about social media for the ECJ website. She offers an overview of Snapchat and how businesses can use it.

I really like Snapchat as a local marketing and awareness tool. Recently I tried it at one of our town's festivals and found it to be really successful. If you haven't heard of it, or thought about trying it then I urge you to step out of your comfort zone and give this one some thought - you control how much time and money to plough into it.

Snapchat has come so far from when I first remember using it years ago. If you are on Snapchat already you will know it is used to connect and advertise. If you've been to place and taken a photo, there are filters that crop up, London is especially good for that. Recently a trip to our local supermarket - they have one should you be in their vicinity and want to use it. It can be fantastic to promote a service or new feature too.

It takes some forward planning but is straightforward enough to implement. Once you choose on the map the area you want to cover and decide on how long you'd like it for and select the geographical area for it to be available in. In my case this was the Tenterden Recreation Ground as far as the High Street pubs. Then decide on how long would suit you. In my case it was only for that weekend on that occasion.

Designing my filter (which is subject to the approval of Snapchat) was easy, and then I chose a few hours before a particular time when I thought excitement would be building for the festival. My message was all things happy and clean, my audience or target was with a long game in mind, so anyone that used Snapchat, anyone that would have been at the festival and even the local pubs.

We could connect directly with these people who used it, there could be potentially future businesses contacts or future staff who may not have heard of us otherwise that saw or used this tool, failing that maybe we were just promoting a positive connection with the public and a little bit of clean fun from our cleaning company - all of which are positive outcomes.

Overall we had a great response and were sent many snaps over the weekend. I had over 100 people join my 'loos' Snapchat, most of them are still sending me their pics and when I post a snap they are still interacting.

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