Facebook - should it be a tool of the trade?

13th of July 2017 Article by Laura Napper
Facebook - should it be a tool of the trade?

Laura Napper, managing director of Twilight Cleaning and Facilities Management, continues her series of exclusive blogs about social media for the ECJ website. Here she focuses on Facebook.

Facebook is not my cup of tea at all - personally or for my business. However I do agree it is a fantastic way of building a local audience, depending on what your business is and who your target clients/customers are.

Many companies are not bothering to have a website now, they just use Facebook and a selling page for local business. I know a website is important and after nearly two years, I have mine now, but with the soft launch of innovative ideas or sales and marketing messages, in this instant age, we as consumers need that little push or inspiration to want to look at a website, so Facebook is a good marketplace to begin with if you don't have a website ready.

Content should always make for a fresh and current read. It's off-putting if you click on a page that is a month or more behind, customers may even lose confidence in your ability, if this plate isn't kept spinning along with everything else you have to do!

Facebook is without a doubt more permanent than some other social media platforms like Twitter - smaller companies use it to post or blog, and also the beauty of Facebook is that people can just log on there and like your post, which makes it is easier to strike up a contact as the leads are immediate.

And if you want to get technical, Facebook ads are really accurate, as you can get to really target very particular people - but again, this depends on what your sales message is and to who you'd want it to go to.

Finally, I've had a business acquaintance ask me if there are fake accounts out there, and certainly I have my suspicions with some on other social media, nothing bad, but maybe it's competitive intelligence or something like that. Anyway, I believe there is also more chance of someone being who they say they are on Facebook!

With all that information it is easy to forget it is also meant to be enjoyable and fun, so if it is something you are going to explore, enjoy it.

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