Client engagement is positive - are YOU doing enough?

11th of May 2017 Article by Laura Napper
Client engagement is positive - are YOU doing enough?

Laura Napper, managing director of Twilight Cleaning and Facilities Management, continues her series of exclusive blogs about social media for the ECJ website. She focuses here on the importance of positive engagement.

Engagement is all about being sociable. How social is your social media? Are you a serial moaner or retweeter or sharer that doesn't actually engage but expects the social interactions back? This could help you see the woods through the trees.

Generalised negativity or moaning on media is not social and there are times where it can make for uncomfortable reading, rarely this can attract the positive engagement a company would want to be associated with. So, always look for the positive.

Posts like "The traffic..ugggh" may well be a bugbear, it is to us all, but does anyone want to engage with this? NO! I rarely get to look at the beautiful gardens on my way to work, but today "slow moving traffic #enjoyingTheViews #Ashford or wherever you live??" - focus on the good, it will attract engagement.

Have you tried putting yourself out a little more than retweeting/sharing or liking things, this can be a bit superficial or worse, outsourced! If it's all you do to be social then it says little about the people behind the business. Ask yourself, what about the raw reality that we all seem to like seeing? If it's not there, all is not lost.

Try quoting sometimes, be confident, give your take on it, this may take a post to a whole new dimension by opening up a conversation. People remember great things posted and talked about rather than, "I remember that company that hits send and just retweets and shares!!"

Getting engaged with people raises your profile and this is how. Is there a networking event? Albeit a regular thing or trend? Basically anything bigger than the day-to-day that you can engage with? Be part of it, maybe it's controversial, (in a good way) and gets people talking about your business or service? Live footage attracts a lot of interaction, so give it a go!

The people you chose to engage with may become customers in the future or they may know people in the right places or be the one who says "I know a company who can.." because they feel connected and like they know behind the scenes a little bit.

Now a quick recap: watch, listen and read, and if it interests you, your enthusiasm for the topic of discussion will flow. Be positive. Get creative, no-one said you can't. Use gifs, periscope, live chats and have fun with it. Engage with quotes, photos or the odd poll to show your connecting with the world or simply your area.

You never know exactly where it will go when you engage like this, that's why social media is so exciting when the world engages back.

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