When a home becomes a business

9th of May 2024 Article by Anna Garbagna
When a home becomes a business

From Italy, Anna Garbagna tells us about the growth of cleaning business in short-term rental properties.

Among the many effects of the pandemic, there has certainly been an increase in short rentals, today a sector of great interest. In addition to hosting healthcare professionals during the health emergency, the short rental has guaranteed hygienic safety features as well as confidentiality and

it is still doing well. Today more than ever in Italy, where the development of short term rentals shows no signs of abating (+54 per cent in the first six months of 2023 compared to the previous year), regulations are getting stricter, especially where hygiene and cleaning are concerned. So, alongside the clear domestic aspects of this market, a market is developing that we could define commercial, run by companies that are now dedicated to this kind of cleaning.

According to the research presented by Osservatorio Assocasa (National Association Detergents and Specialities for the Industry and for Homes) in cooperation with Nielsen IQ, the sector has recorded a growth of 8.6 per cent in the period ending August 2023. With a total turnover of €4.2 billion it recorded an increase of €333 million compared to the previous year. While price increases certainly had their part in this growth, much is also due to growth and the change in consumer purchasing and hygiene habits.

Abrasives and disinfectants recorded an increase of 15 per cent while cleaning chemicals recorded a growth of five per cent. The increase of these products for domestic cleaning is also partly due to the legislative regulation of sanitisation of surfaces in short rental properties.

In addition to thorough cleaning, the regulation now requires sanitisation or purification of the rooms, using alcohol based chemical agents and/or bleach (70 per cent) designed to kill germs and viruses which, even though they can survive up to nine days on inanimate surfaces, become inactive with the use of disinfectants suitable for hospital use. These are the protocols of the Health Institution (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) and  the provisions of the relevant ministry.

Regular washing

It is also vital that all rooms are ventilated to be free from harmful substances and  that  the cleaners are provided with personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, overshoes and scrubs.

Curtains, bed sheets and sofa covers must be regularly washed to the maximum temperature accepted by the different types of material or, alternatively, a portable steam cleaner must be used.

In addition, for a correct approach to the guest, it is advisable to make available some dispensers with hydro alcoholic solutions, cotton wipes or disposable wipes, specific cleaning agents for hands and products for cleansing different surfaces. Last but not least, it is vital to provide correct information for guests in order to make them feel safe and protected.

And, because there is a lot to do when someone is renting a place for a short period of time, technology can come to the rescue: Chore Checklist, Sweepy, Tody and Nipto are just some of the apps that can help to keep everything under control. Professionalism, the correct products and diligence will take care of the rest.

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