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15th of September 2010

An overview of latest product developments in mopping

In a new size

The Twixter double mop system from Vermop is now available in a 30 cm working width. This means corners and niches can be cleaned more easily, the company says, as well as heavily furnished areas such as shops and washrooms.

A wide range of mop covers for different floor surfaces is available and when using the double-sided Twix Mop 30 cm around 15 to 20 square metres can be cleaned.

Changing the mop involves no contact for the operator and the Twix Wringer means it can be wrung out hygienically, also without contact and without removing the mop from the holder.

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Hygienic laundering 

Kleen Purgatis says the new process it has developed for the cleaning and disinfection of mops and cloths in hospitals offers time, cost and space savings. Currently experts recommend they are dried after washing in order to inhibit germ growth.

The process actually eliminates the need for drying. Mops are washed using the disinfection laundry product Lavo Des 60 Plus tablets and by applying Budesin M in the final rinse. When laundering is finished the mops and cloths can be stored in their damp condition without the risk of germs growing for at least 72 hours.

This, says Kleen Purgatis, saves on electricity, investment in dryers and the time taken in loading and unloading dryers.

Tel: +41 44 7868668. Email:

High risk areas

IPC Euromop has created the HDS antibacterial line of trolleys, frames, mops and cloths designed for use in areas which are at high risk of infection - healthcare applications as well as public areas, food industry and schools.

HDS replacement mops are made of cotton, viscose, polypropylene and microfibre and contain an antibacterial additive in the fibre's structure.

The central part of the fibre acts as a reservoir, while a slow release mechanism releases a sufficient quantity of the substance to create a barrier against fungi, bacteria and moulds.

Efficacy is said to remain the same for over 500 washes, while the antibacterial ingredient used is non-toxic and causes no allergic reactions.

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Small areas

The i-Press is a new flat mopping solution for the cleaning of small areas from Crisp Clean. The company's Solo product is a damp mopping system that ensures the right amount of solution is used on the mop every time and the i-Press is an adjustable flat mop roller press that incorporates three settings to control the dampness of the mop and an additional sliding feature to wring the mop dryer if required.

All trolleys made by the company are produced from rust-free stainless steel and its
mops are constructed in high quality yarns with high performance backing.

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Cleans mops

The Primaster Mop Cleaner has been developed by Primapalvelu to accompany its Click Magnetic Mops. Said to clean mops in a few seconds, the system is suitable for all kinds of flat mop with different thicknesses. It can also be used with mops of different widths and for the treatment of damp mops.

In order to prevent dust from re-entering the work area the machine incorporates an outlet to connect it to a vacuum cleaner. The brush removes both large and extremely small particles and holds them in the waste bin.

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Patent pending

Zebry is the new patent pending microfibre mop from IPC Ready System - the company boasts it will save on water, chemical consumption and work times while increasing productivity, operator safety and cleaning quality.

The special 'V' structure of the microfibre purposely interrupts the uniformity of the contact between the fibres and the floor. The spaces created allow the fibres to penetrate deeper into the pores of the surfaces or into tile grout.

The mop is also made in strips which constitute collection points for dirt, multiplying cleaning effectiveness. Consequently, says IPC Euromop, floor cleaning is smoother and less tiring, with wringing and rinsing dramatically reduced.

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Hold equipment

The Toolflex System from Delex Teknik incorporates a series of cleaning equipment holders for use in the cleaning cupboard or on the trolley. Most handles have a diametre of 22-25 mm, with the 20-30 mm holder being the most popular.

In recent years however, thicker and more ergonomic handles have entered the market so the company developed a larger holder for 25-35 mm. For thinner handles a 15-20 mm version is also available.

All holders, plus a useful hook, are available for either mounting with a tube clamp onto the frame of a cleaning trolley or for screwing to a wall. There are several colour options.

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Biodegradable dry mop

Vivelle's Biomop disposable dry cleaning system is a microfibre mop which is claimed to be fully biodegradable and manufactured from totally inert materials. Independent trials confirmed that it degraded within 12 weeks, according to the company.

When the Biomop is swept across a hard surface it is said to generate a short life static charge which attracts detritus into the long dense fibre matrix. This is claimed to hold on to dust and bacteria particles down to 2.5-4 micron as well as larger particles of dirt, hairs and crumbs until ready for disposal.

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Empty liquids

Action Pro is the new trolley from TTS, with two buckets totalling 30 litres capacity and the addition of drain-plugs to empty out liquids without the need to remove the wringer and lift the trolley.

The front bucket also features a graduated scale in litres and gallons so water and chemical can be dosed easily. Rinsing water can be divided from cleaning solution with the same functionality of a double-bucket trolley, but in a smaller size - TTS says.

Rinse water is always clean thanks to the drain-plug facility, which means it can be emptied at any time without also emptying the cleaning solution.

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Colour coded

For cleaning and disinfection of small areas Perfex Corporation offers the TruCLEAN System II, a colour coded flat mopping system. The double bucket system is available in red, white and blue configurations and – like the TruCLEAN Pro – captures and isolates contaminants. This, says the company, ensures deliver of uncontaminated cleaning and sanitising agents.

The system comes complete with a 36 litre bucket and casters, waste container bucket, stainless steel wringer, mop frame and adjustable handle.

Tel: +1 315 826 3600. Email: perfex@ntcnet

Push of a button

The new Fregomatic automatic wringer can wring out mops and cloths at the touch of a button, says manufacturer Sprimsol. It can tackle flat mops, kentucky mops, dusters, cloths and other cleaning tools.

The rechargeable battery allows for more than 700 operations before recharge and a battery gauge is incorporated. The risk of operator fatigue and injury is reduced thanks to the elimination of manual wringing and output can increase by up to 10 per cent the company says. Wringing is said to take just three seconds.

Tel: +34 956 41 77 54. Email:

Own label

Clear Concepts-Swish specialises in the manufacture of manual cleaning equipment under private label. It has longstanding expertise in the development of mop frames, handles and accessories.

Ergonomics is a key priority in the design of all new systems, says the company, which fits well with its flat mopping solutions. Microfibre is used in many of the products.

Tel: +46 76 78 84 163. Email:

Ultra microfibre

The ProS mopping system from Reflex Systems makes use of 100 per cent ultra microfibre fabric. Also known as split microfibre, this was previously used on cleaning cloths but the swivel squeegee of the ProS makes it possible to use it for dry and damp floor mopping.

ProTex waffle cloths were tested by the Japan Oilstuff Inspectors' Corporation and the results showed that 99.9 per cent of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria were removed when it was used on the test surface.

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