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25th of November 2010

A round-up of latest in trolley technology as part of our special report.

Smart trolleys

In line with market demands for 'made to measure' trolleys, the SmartCar model from Wetrok is based on a modular system that can be customised to meet different cleaning requirements. It can also be equipped for bucketless wet cleaning of floors with the use of pre-moistened mops.

There is also a trend towards trolley models that are simplified and more economical, while at the same time being solid and reliable. Wetrok's EasyCar can be easily assembled by the user on-site - saving on storage and transport costs.

Tel: +41 43 255 5103. Email:

New material grip

Delex Teknik is to use a new material for the rubber grip of its Toolflex holders from December. A new soft TPE plastic material has been developed, which will replace the EPDM rubber currently used.

The 'rubber' grip of the holder can now be made in any colour, to aid with colour coding. The grip piece is also now moulded and will therefore have a more stable quality. And the material is approved by the FDA for use in food contact applications.

The TPE can also be autoclave cleaned, meaning that stainless steel trolleys used in hospitals and cleanrooms can be autoclave cleaned with the holders mounted.

Tel: +46 370 37 46 00. Email:

Special finish

Rekola specialises in the production of metal cleaning trolleys, with most models being finished in chrome. However chrome trolleys can sometimes rust under moist conditions so the company started to combine the zinc coating traditionally used for golf carts with a special lacquer finish.

This new ZL combination offers rust resistance as well as creating a metallic deep shine effect.
The company has also developed a new bag for the collection of dirty mops on the cleaning trolley, made of EVA - a recyclable thermoplastic. This multiple use bag is waterproof welded and easy to carry when filled with dirty mops. It is waterproof and easy to clean, the company says.

Tel: +358 196873516. Email:

For all purposes

Tina Trolleys supplies trolleys and associated equipment to distributors all over Europe. Its modular system enables it to produce trolleys to clients' specific requirements and design - in large or small numbers.

A large part of the company's business is in private label. Ergonomics is a speciality and it produces unique systems to hospitals, schools and many local authority institutions.

Tel: +45 98 319 711. Email:

All rust free

All trolley ranges produced by Crisp Clean Services are produced from rust-free stainless steel - claimed to be easy to clean and maintain as well as being strong and easy to manoeuvre.

With the market moving increasingly towards customised systems the company has developed its capability to cater for customers' individual requirements. The degree of customisation can vary from simply needing to include additional waste facilities for used mops and cloths, incorporating height adjustment for waste storage, buckets and pushing handles through to the design and development of complete new trolley systems.

Tel: +44 1458 250385. Email:

Healthcare models

The key element in the Healthcare Disinfection Suite system (HDS) from IPC Euromop is the antibacterial polypropylene trolley. Designed for use in hygiene-critical areas, the drawers in this trolley are extendable and can be equipped with lids and a grill for antibacterial mop saturation.
The fibreglass shock resistant castors make this modular trolley stable and easy to control over uneven floors, while the rounded corner design facilitates easy cleaning. There is a double waste bag holder equipped with two bags.

Completely made of antibacterial, recyclable and shock resistant material, all construction material is non-toxic. The antibacterial action lasts for at least five years.

Tel: +39 049 9325075. Email:

Recyclable Magic

The Magic modular cleaning trolley from TTS has been designed to clearly separate the washing, storage waste and dirty cloth collection areas while the inner storage area can be fitted with shelves and drawers.

Made from polypropylene, Magic is said to be rust-proof and 100 per cent recyclable. The trolley’s 120 and 150 litre bag-holders  can be combined together using special adaptors which means they can be split into compartments for all volume and waste separation needs.

The lids, doors and drawers can be locked using a removable key and the pedal opening of
the waste door avoids any direct contact between the operator and lid.

Tel: +39 049 9300710. Email:


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