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17th of May 2011

ECJ offers an overview of the latest product developments in the washroom hygiene sector.

Flatscreen dispenser

From CWS-boco comes the CWS Paradise Dry NT Screen towel dispenser with integrated monitor, which can play images, film or any other important information to washroom users.

The online portal can be used to equip the dispenser with customers' own short films - even slide shows made from photos can be created and accompanied by background music. Content as well as ready-to-use CWS short films are available free of charge. The SD card included with the dispenser can hold up to five videos, which can then be played in sequence on the dispenser screen.

Apart from the 10.4-inch flatscreen and integrated speaker system, the dispenser features sensors to make it touch-free.

Tel: +49 6103 309 0. Email:

Reliable cutting

Ophardt has introduced a new automatic paper towel dispenser called HAU, said to provide an automatic paper feed function with a reliable cutting unit.

Claimed to be highly durable and require little maintenance, the unit is suitable for all paper towel rolls up to 200 mm diameter with a minimum inner diameter of 38 mm.

The dispenser has a lockable, welded housing and the battery life is up to 40,000 operations. A second version of the HAU with sensor-controlled paper feed will soon be available.

Tel: +49 2835 18 10. Email:

Sanitising launch

For eliminating bad odours in toilets and urinals while also keeping them hygienic and fresh, Unicorn Selfserve specialises in the Puress and Sanair sanitising units.

The newly developed Bio-Puress solution contains biological enzymes which eliminate the bacteria that cause washroom odours. Each flush releases a concentrated measures that eradicates build-up of germs while also descaling and reducing surface stain.

Refills come in Senso Mandarin, Orange One, Mediterranean Forest, Citrus Nostrum and Cool Mint fragrances - available in 310 and 610 ml.

Tel: +44 28 9264 0827. Email:

Going automatic

Sanitary accessories supplier All Care offers a number of dispenser lines in several materials, such as stainless steel and plastic or combinations of both materials. These include automatic waste bins, soap dispensers and automatic paper roll dispensers.

Automatic soap dispensers are available in five of the eight dispenser ranges - Mediclinics, PlastiQline, PlastiQline Exclusive, Qbic-line and Wings. There is also an automatic
towel dispenser.

There are also various options when it comes to automatic waste bins. For example Dutch Bins are made from stainless steel with a plastic cover. They are battery operated but the 50- and 80-litre versions can come with adapter connection if required. They can also be operated manually.

Tel: +31 318 51 77 78. Email:

Modern approach

Fumacare, which developed the SaniPod sanitary disposal system, says it has recently adapted a design consultancy approach to offer its washroom clients more customised looks.

With that in mind the company developed SaniPod wrap, which instantly transforms the containers to match any washroom environment. Available in selected designs with the option to tailor to any colour or design, the SaniPod wrap literally covers the SaniPod and can be removed or exchanged whenever required. Fumacare says it is simple to install, clean and service.

Tel: +64 983 50800. Email:

Sanitise hands

As part of its workplace hygiene product range, Kimberly-Clark Professional has launched a new range of hand sanitisers. The new Kleenex products come in a variety of formats from 50 ml individual pocket packs, to cassettes designed to fit the electronic skincare dispenser.

The formulations both meet the EN1500 standard.

Tel: +44 0800 269470. Email:

Flexible options

STOKO Skin Care says the most important feature of its new STOKO Refresh range
of skin care products is flexibility, with four different dispensing options in one type of dispenser.

This four-in-one system means the dispenser can be filled with foam, spray, gel or lotion. Not only that, the small units can be used with products for hand hygiene, skin care, skin cleansing, skin protection, and even for cleaning toilet seats. A wide selection of colours is available.

Tel: +49 21 51 38 15 92. Email:

No more odours

For the washroom Proandre has introduced a number of new products recently. Firstly, its Ozone Generator is billed as a natural and efficient system for eliminating bad odours from water and air and is said to minimise the risks of cross-infection, biologic contamination, chemical contamination and allergies in commercial premises.

The new Automatic Sanitary Bin has a 22-litre capacity and a touch-free lid - the cover
is designed to fit the body of the Proandre's Sanitary Bin with pedal.

For cleaning toilets and urinals there is the Proanplus auto sanitiser 600ml, which prevents bacteria growth. The timer is programmable every 30 or 60 days and comes in Ambient, Tangerine, Tangerine Upper, Forest and Proan-Green fragrances. The company also offers a comprehensive line of air fresheners.

Tel: +34 93 860 03 41. Email:

Reduce and recycle

Seeking to reduce the impact of its products on the environment, MTS Euro Products has expanded its Eco paper range of toilet tissue, hand towels and cleaning cloths. The line also carries the European Ecolabel.

The latest addition is the range of cellulose paper products made of 100 per cent recyclable, vegetable material.

Tel: +31 10 599 15 99. Email:

No chemicals needed

According to manufacturer Activeion, its ionatorEXP can be used for the cleaning of washrooms and toilets without the use of chemicals. This handheld device temporarily converts ordinary tap water into ionised water to lift dirt and make it easy to wipe away from almost any surface, at the same time killing virtually all harmful bacteria on the surface.

Tel: +41 22 533 00 32. Email:

Going global

Hand hygiene specialist Deb is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year with the launch of its Global Range. Developed with both chemistry and dispensing technology in mind, this new line has been designed to meet the skin safety needs and cultural diversity of both local and international markets.

The dispensing systems feature BioCote, a silver-based antimicrobial agent incorporated into components at the time of manufacture that inhibits growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria and moulds.

And all bio-based hand cleansers within the Global Range incorporate Debasol, a patented blend of sunflower oil, natural scrubbing agents and non-ionic surfactants for optimum skin cleansing without the use of harsh ingredients.

Deb says the systems have been designed to incorporate a combination of language neutral iconography, strong visual colours and clear, unambiguous wording that has been applied across all products, dispensers and education materials.

Tel: +44 01773 855 100. Email:

Hand hygiene concept

PURELL Perfect Placement is a new programme being launched across Europe by GOJO - aimed at optimising the positioning of hand sanitiser dispensers to prevent the spread of germs in buildings.

The scientifically-proven theory involves placing dispensers on walls by washroom exit doors between 36 and 46 inches above the floor - the perfect height to trigger proper hand hygiene behaviour and prevent the transmission of germs from door handles.

According to a 2007 study by the American Society for Microbiology and the Soap Detergent Association, one in four people do not wash their hands before they leave toilets. And a GOJO internal study in 2009 found that placing PURELL dispensers next to washroom doors increased skin cleansing by 23 per cent without affecting soap consumption.

The GOJO PURELL Perfect Placement programme is said to provide additional support for new installations – helping facilities managers achieve optimum placement of dispensers.

Tel: +44 1908 588444. Email:

Safe to sit on

Thanks to the S3000 automatic toilet seat sleeve from Hygolet, each washroom user can have a clean and hygienic toilet seat.

Thanks to the touch-free operation, users do not even have to touch a winding mechanism or push a button - the wave-on sensor ensures the plastic sleeve winds on automatically by electric motor. At the same time, the used sleeve is rolled up and can be disposed of without any negative environmental impact. One Hygoplast roll lasts for up to 125 uses, and the monitor shows the user the state of the sleeves and the battery.

Tel: +41 1 933 5656. Email:

One for all

Dreumex says its One2clean dispensing concept can be used with any hand cleansing and care products, thanks to interchangeable click-in pumps. For optimum hygiene, the dispenser is activated by a built-in infrared sensor, although a manual version is also available.

Other features include precisely measured doses for economy, compact design and convenient use.

Tel: +31 412 406 506. Email:

Green certificate

The Bay West range of hand towel and toilet tissue rolls, together with Eco-foam soap - both from Disposables UK Group - have been awarded the European Ecolabel.

Approved products include DublSoft, EcoSoft and Softeco hand towel rolls and EcoSoft toilet tissue rolls. They can be dispensed from a comprehensive line of dispensers.

Tel: +44 1484 854460. Email:

Simple and compact

The Element lever roll towel dispenser from San Jamar has been designed to be simple in operation and compact - in fact it is the company's smallest roll towel dispenser.

Despite being so small, however, Element dispenses eight-inch, 800-feet rolls of universal paper. It also features a new ergonomic handle with a curved design for ease of use. And price-wise, it has been positioned to be a low cost option.

Tel: +32 1522 8140. Email:

Hygiene and control

Designed to improve hygiene and reduce the risk of cross-contamination are Tork washroom systems from SCA. Tork Hand Towel Rolls and Tork Premium Liquid Soaps are claimed to provide a hygienic, cost-effective solution for the away-from-home washroom.

The Tork Elevation Hand Towel Roll Dispenser presents just one sheet of paper at a time which ensures each towel is touched only by the user - preventing the risk of cross-contamination while reducing waste.

The new Tork Hand Cleaning and Care range includes a toilet seat cleaner and alcohol gel sanitiser plus a range of Tork Premium Liquid Soaps housed in a sealed cartridge.

Tel: +44 1582 677400. Email: 

Maximum flexibility

Offering flexibility in both high- and low-traffic washrooms is the SmartOne dispenser range from Lotus Professional. Now it has added the SmartOne mini range - this encompasses the SmartOne mini, SmartOne mini double and SmartOne mini toilet tissue.

At the heart of the system is single sheet dispensing, whereby the user only takes one single sheet two-ply tissue at a time, reducing paper consumption by up to 40 per cent compared with standard jumbo rolls, says Lotus.

SmartOne mini offers washroom managers the option of a smaller dispenser for more confined spaces. The SmartOne mini double is more suitable for high-traffic washrooms and can be fixed to the wall in multiple positions.

Tel: +31 485 339 339. Email:

Chic and black

New from Packing90 is the Chic Total Black line of dispensers, designed for prestigious washrooms. They come in matt or glossy finish and are made of ABS plastic.

For use in small washrooms such as those in pubs, bars and small restaurants the company has come up with the Trilly package - which consists of one dispenser and four bag refills.

And for high-traffic applications such as motorway service stations and airports there is the stainless steel Hygienic Bag dispenser.

Tel: +39 0424 512 791. Email: 


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