New products - ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2010

15th of April 2010

ECJ's guide to new products at the Amsterdam show starts here.


Tork manufacturer SCA will be showcasing its sustainability credentials and hygienic solutions. The company will be using the 'green' theme following the news that SCA has appeared in the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations list for the sixth year running.

The Tork stand will feature 'story walls' on hygiene and sustainability as well as an augmented reality attraction. The company will also be showcasing three new Tork dispenser families.

The Tork Performance range for workplace wipers is available in red/smoke or white/turquoise options - the units are said to be robust, ergonomically-designed and simple to use.

Also on display will be the Tork Elevation washroom dispenser line which features curved housings and semi-transparent windows and has won two design awards.

The new Tork soap system will be another highlight. Tork liquid soaps are now housed in a cartridge sealed to protect the soap inside from contamination. The cartridge is said to be quick to replace and the fact that the empty cartridge is collapsible is claimed to reduce waste volumes by 70 per cent.

Tel: +46 706 170626. Email:


Cebe will be showing a range of graffiti removal products. The GraffitiLine comprises three new graffiti removers: Grafo-G, a powerful gel remover that can be used even in sub-zero temperatures; Grafo-F, a liquid graffiti remover that can also be used in freezing conditions, and Grafo-P, a liquid graffiti remover designed for use on sensitive substrates and textiles.

Also on show will be two façade cleaners. Hurricane-A is a highly concentrated alkaline façade cleaner that can be used on concrete, natural stone, wall and tile grout as well as for removing residual graffiti from previous clean-up attempts.

Hurricane-S is a concentrated, strongly acidic façade cleaner for use on brick façades.

Tel: +49 40 851 82 15. Email:


Cleaning systems for blinds, sunshades and other sun protection installations will be shown by SPS. The company’s TFR 2200 cleaning machine is  designed for the professional cleaning of large-scale textile installations such as panel blinds, roller blinds, plissé blinds and screen panels.

SPS also offers the AJR professional cleaning device, a modular system for cleaning horizontal external blinds.

Tel: +49 711 99 32 39 32. Email:


RCM will be showing its new Mega walk-behind scrubber-dryer for use in medium to large environments. This features 100 litre solution tanks and can accommodate batteries from 24v up to 240 Ah.

The suction motor is housed in the recovery tank and a 'labyrinth' air exit reduces the noise of the machine to 68 DbA. The vacuum motor offers triple protection from foam or liquid entering the unit, while the 'float ball' is said to provide further protection from foam and solid debris.

Another feature of the machine is a power-assisted brush system that automatically lifts up from the floor to prevent any damage to surfaces.

Tel: +39 059 515331. Email:


Patented non-woven mops are at the heart of SYR’s Totally Integrated Cleaning project. The system, which also uses patented cleaning chemicals and a patented trolley system, is claimed to leave floors completely dry and slip-free.

The company will be launching its Space Saver Trolley. This has been designed to virtually halve the amount of space taken up by the mop bucket, waste paper bag, vacuum, hand buckets and tools.

Tel: +44 1384 421332. Email:


Vivelle will be promoting its Biomop disposable dry cleaning system. This microfibre mop is claimed to be biodegradable and manufactured from totally inert materials. Independent trials confirmed that it degraded within 12 weeks.

When the Biomop is swept across a hard surface it is said to generate a short life static charge which attracts detritus into the long dense fibre matrix. This is claimed to hold on to dust and bacteria particles down to 2.5-4 micron as well as larger particles of dirt, hairs and crumbs until ready for disposal.

Tel: +49 7255 71230. Email:


Suzhou will be showing its central vacuum cleaning units. The company offers custom cleaning systems comprising a choice of power units and PRM accessories designed to remove dust and improve indoor air quality.

The EXP Vac is powered via the air source in a workshop and is explosion proof, claims the company. The machine is said to be safe, reliable and maintenance-free.

Tel: +86 512 67411035. Email:

Delex Teknik

A new holder and hook have now been integrated into the Toolflex system from Delex Teknik. Toolflex is a system of holders for equipment mounted on cleaning trolleys. Most handles have a diameter of 22-25  mm which means the 20-30 mm holder is most commonly used.

However a 25-35mm holder has now been developed to meet the demand for thicker, more ergonomic handles.

New to the Toolflex range of tube-mounted equipment is a small 15-20 mm holder and a hook for tube fixation. The small holder is said to accommodate the thinnest of handles  -  for example that of a long-handled dustpan and brush.

The hook can be used for smaller hanging items and can be mounted in any position on the trolley’s tube frame.

Tel: +46 370 374 600  E-mail:


New on the WerkMaster stand will be the Scarab five-disk hand grinder for use on concrete, stone, terrazzo, hardwood, plastic, metal and most other hard surfaces.

This has a stand-up handle and variable speed function and is suitable for use on stairs, counter-tops, floors, walls and ledges. It can also be used in difficult-to-reach areas such as behind toilets, around plumbing, along bathtub ledges and around machinery.

The Scarab is claimed to be easy to use and works with most manufacturers’ variable speed polisher/grinders. The patent-pending five-head system uses standard three ins polishing pads, sandpaper, diamond abrasives or PCDS and can be used either wet or dry.

The Scarab can be used as a hand-held unit on counter tops, walls, railings or ledges. The removable handle is suitable for use on any surface where the operator needs to stand.

Tel: +1 604 629 8700. Email:


New from Idroeletrika is the Idroelectric system which cleans and sanitises by combining high pressures with high temperatures. It works with a low water flow rate which is said to reduce water consumption by up to 80 per cent. Meanwhile, the patented high pressure electric heating system removes the need for burners or combustible boilers.

High temperature pressure jets remove the dirt and grease from soiled surfaces while a thermal sanitising effect breaks down and eliminates contaminations.

The reduced water flow rates of the Idroelectric System allow for close-up precision cleaning and continuous visibility of the surface area being cleaned. It is also claimed to reduce physical strain on the operator.

The patented electric heating system avoids any issues with CO2 emissions and allows the system to be used indoors and integrated into HACCP cleaning procedures.

Tel: +39 045 773 1757. Email:


Birchmeier will be presenting its new Rapidon 6 petrol can for small fuel engines. Designed for use with equipment such as high pressure cleaners and ride-on cleaning machines, the Rapidon 6 is claimed to precisely control the flow of fuel for simple and rapid refilling.

Also on the Birchmeier stand will be the Spray-Matic/Clean-Matic 1.25 P and E hand compression sprayers, said to be among the most chemical-resistant hand sprayers on the market. Another feature will be the Rondo-Matic 5 E compact compression sprayer.

Tel: +41 56 4858181. Email:


Mazzoni will be showing its range of high pressure cleaners, scrubber dryers and sweepers.  The company produces all the major internal components of Mazzoni machines such as boilers, electric motors, pressure regulators, safety valves and electronic controls units.

Tel: +39 0522 575156 Email:


Baudoin will be showing its Travelator Cleaner. Travelators in airports, shopping precincts, etc comprise large expanses of hard-to-reach glass which are often cleaned by hand over the course of night shifts.

Baudoin says its Travelator Cleaner is an ergonomic alternative to manual methods.

Tel: +31 416 695095. Email:

Ophardt Hygiene

The complete Santral stainless steel series will be shown on the Ophardt Hygiene stand. A new feature is a modular housing for the soap dispenser with three exchangeable pumps for dispensing liquid soap, alcohol disinfectants or foam. The series now has a new anti-fingerprint coating to reduce visible fingerprints.

Santral dispensing systems can be used with paper towels, toilet paper, soaps, creams or hygienic bags. The soap dispenser also accommodates Euro-bottles.

Ophardt Hygiene now offers a new private label stainless steel product family comprising soap, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers as well as waste bins and matching toilet brush holders.

The company will also present its Ingo-man dispenser system for the medical and food processing industries.

Tel: +49 2835 18 10. Email:

Crisp Clean

The I-Press – a new, adjustable wringing flat mop roller press - will be making its debut on the Crisp Clean stand.

The company will also be demonstrating its Ringo and Hytech flat mopping ranges and ergonomic Nucleus trolleys. Also on show will be the Solo damp mopping system which is claimed to ensure the right amount of solution is used on the mop every time.

Tel: +44 1458 250385. Email:


Idrobase will be showing its Comfort line of accessories for use with high pressure cleaners.
Designed to be ergonomic, lightweight and easy to use, the Comfort line includes guns, lances, nozzle holders, quick couplings and connections designed to fit any professional pressure washer.

Tel: +39 049 9336728. Email:

Alwin Green Bay

Green Bay intelligent dispensing systems will be launched. These are designed to provide traditional and hands-free operation in a range of environments from industrial workplaces and washrooms to offices.

Green Bay’s lockable toilet roll, roll towel and soap dispensers are designed to reduce wastage and cost in use. The consumables are enclosed within the dispenser to reduce the risk of contamination, while moisture sensors are said to eliminate accidental usage.

Tel: +44 1952 292200. Email

CID Lines

CID Lines offers a range of cleaning and disinfecting products for the vehicle care, food and agricultural industries.

These include Kenotek vehicle care chemicals designed for car and truck applications. Kenotek products come under the Nano, Globo and Pro labels and cover a range of applications from general cleaning to nano-technology products.

New is the Keno Lux range of solutions for food processing and catering applications. This comprises disinfection products, dishwashing chemicals, strong alkaline cleaners and hand hygiene products along with a full service scheme.

Tel: +32 57 217877. Email:


Ecoforce has launched a range of EU eco-labelled cleaning chemicals for the washroom, catering kitchen and other away-from-home environments.

Products in the range include a toilet cleaner, washroom cleaner, two multipurpose cleaning products and a floor maintainer.

Tel: +44 845 504 0442. Web:


Wetrok will be demonstrating how its compact Discomatic Samba scrubber dryer is able to replace the use of a mop in confined spaces.

The company will also be demonstrating its new Scuba backpack vacuum designed for use in hard-to-reach areas.

Tel: +41 848 81 81 81. Email:


Avista provides cleaning companies with mobile and web-based systems designed to improve time management.

The company provides managers with an overview of real-time activities pinpointing which employee is carrying out which task where.

Avista’s service includes follow-up and feedback on key performance indicators such
as response time, workforce yield management, actual performance versus calculated performance, added sales and quality management.

Tel: +46 705 58 78 00. Email:

Brightwell Dispensers 

Brightwell Dispensers’ new premium Mercury washroom dispenser range will make its worldwide debut at the event.

The range, which is made from tough ABS plastic with a brushed stainless steel cover plate, includes a soap dispenser, paper hand towel dispenser, jumbo and multiflat toilet tissue dispensers plus a 25-litre waste bin.

The company’s BrightLogic automated dosing system for dishwash and laundry applications will also feature prominently on the stand.

The company will also be showcasing its latest Innovations dispensing and dosing system and unveiling a multi-language interactive customer support website.

Tel: +44 1273 513566. Email:


Wet mops, polishing mops and kentucky mops in cotton yarn, microfibre and synthetic
materials will be among the products on display on the Mopatex stand.

The company will also be showing its cotton and microfibre cloths, synthetic wipers, abrasive pads and plastic buckets with wringer. Also on display will be a range of poles and handles made from wood, metal and aluminium along with brushes, dustpans and plungers.

Tel: +34 962 911 957. E-mail:

Reflex Systems

New manual cleaning tools from Reflex Systems will include an enhanced version of the ProS tool, a squeegee/cloth-cleaning concept comprising a system of clips claimed to be unique to the company.

The new version leaves out the clips and when combined with a specially-designed UMF cloth is claimed to be even easier to attach than before. The ProS prevents the user from having to touch the dirty cloth after cleaning and is said to save up to 80 per cent on mop laundering costs.

Also new is the ProF flat mop tool based on a textile cloth concept which is aimed at customers wishing to save on mops and laundering costs without abandoning flat mop systems.

Reflex Systems will also be launching the ProTex-Cupron at the event. This is an antibacterial, anti-fungal ultra microfibre cloth on a natural copper-oxide base. ProTex-Cupron is said to be safe to use while helping to prevent cross-contamination and avoid the problem of odours building up.

Tel: +358 408400136. Email:

IPC Pulex

New from IPC Pulex is the Technolite squeegee which has a hand grip specifically engineered for user comfort. Its elongated shape allows the user to change their grip to suit their position, while the plastic handle with non-slip rubber inserts is said to guarantee a firm, safe hold. This means operators can carry on working for longer periods without fatigue.

Also from IPC Pulex is the Ultra Pure System based on water purification technology for cleaning glass surfaces at heights of up to 20 metres. This comprises a portable trolley equipped with a water purification system combining reverse osmosis and deionisation.

Tel: +39 030 2004210. Email:


Polydros will be showing its cellular glass cleaning blocks designed for removing encrusted grease from kitchen grills and griddles.

These are made from 100 per cent recycled glass and are said to be chemical-free, environmentally-friendly, odourless and non-toxic.

The blocks absorb no liquid or steam and are bacteriostatic, non-irritant and resistant to temperatures of up to 400ºC according to the company.

Tel +34 91 661 00 42. Email:


Kaivac will be launching the patented KaiMotion Flex microfibre cleaning and waxing system. This combines a trolley framework with a self-dispensing solution reservoir for floor care products; an interlocking bin system for product storage, and colour-coded microfibre.

The unit stores up to five lightweight, semi-transparent bins suitable for carrying a variety of cleaning tools and supplies and can be used either with or without the system.

The KaiMotion Flex system also features a 10-gallon self-dispensing solution tank said to offer precise dispensing control. This allows for fast, hygienic mopping with the microfibre flat mops according to the company, while cross-contamination is avoided because the microfibre mop heads never enter the cleaning solution.

Tel: +1 513 887 4600. Email:


VDM offers a wide range of cleaning products including trolleys in chromed steel, stainless steel, plastic and nylon-coated/plastic options.

The company also manufactures a trolley system specifically designed for hospitals plus a wide range of technical tools and accessories such as buckets, wringers and textile products.

Tel: +39 02 93581011. Email:


Steiner will be demonstrating the Rico Line of dispensers designed to combine functionality with ease of use and maintenance.

The robust dispensers, said to comply with HACCP systems, have a control window allowing the janitor to check the level of consumables inside.

Steiner provides hygiene solutions for washrooms, industrial plants, professional kitchens and medical establishments. The company will also be promoting its new catalogue and website at
the exhibition.

Tel: +41 21 614 04 04. Email:


Wecovi will be launching Wecoline pads by Americo -  made from 100 per cent recycled polyester and provided with an e-learning floor maintenance programme.

Also on show will be additions and improvements to the Wecoline microfibre range. Newly available is a patented flat mop moisture control system that can be integrated within the company’s new plastic trolleys.

Wecovi will also be presenting the new Wecoline Clean ’n Easy cleaning concept comprising ready-to-use cloths in various colours impregnated with a cleaning agent which are supplied as a complete system with compact trolleys.

Tel: +31 38 468 68 68. Email:

ETC of Henderson

ETC of Henderson will be presenting Heat by Gorilla, a high performance burnishing pad. This is said to be particularly suitable for burnishing polished concrete, terrazzo and natural stone floors. The pad works quickly and reduces the overall cost of maintenance according to the company,
and the fact that it is double-sided means the pad lasts twice as long.

Made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres, the product contains no dyes that could be transferred on to the floor and produces high-gloss meter readings due to the use of heat.

The pad can also be used for polishing and maintenance.

Tel: +252 492 4033. Email:


OspreyDeepclean will be showing its latest steam machines and tools developed in co-operation with the healthcare industry. ProVap models have been designed specifically as a front-line decontamination tool for infection prevention and control.

Also on show will be GumBusters machines for the no-mess removal of discarded chewing gum, graffiti and fly-posters.

Tel: +44 1242 513123. Email:


Capable of converting tap water into ionised water for chemical-free cleaning is the new Activeion Ionator EXP from Activeion.

The hand-held unit, which is slightly larger than a conventional trigger-spray bottle, is designed to be filled with tap water with no added chemicals. A 12V diaphragm pump sets off a continuous flow of water when the trigger is pressed. The tap water passes through a water cell that applies a small electrical charge, then through an ion-exchange membrane where it is separated into an oxygen-rich mixture of positively and negatively charged nano-bubbles.

Ionised water is a bacteria-killing cleanser claimed to be able to break down dirt from most surfaces. Independent laboratory tests have shown that the Activeion Ionator EXP can kill 99.9 per cent of harmful common bacteria such as E Coli 0157:H7, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, MRSA and Listeria, as well as eliminating the H1N1 swine flu virus within six seconds.

Tel: +41 22 533 00 33. Email:

Smart Graffiti

Smart Graffiti will be introducing its Smart Green Graffiti Remover to the European market. The product, which contains only biodegradable ingredients and has been certified marine pollutant-free, is said to remove all marker pens, dyes, paint and other graffiti materials from masonry, brick, concrete, stone, aggregate panels, asphalt, wood, painted surfaces and glass.

A tester kit is available, which is claimed to clean a square metre surface in less than five minutes, depending on the density and type of graffiti.

It is applied by brush or roller and can be rapidly washed away afterwards. A second application can be made immediately in case of tough stains.

Tel: +44 845 450 0607. Email:


Chicopee’s J-Cloths have just been granted a certificate of compliance for direct food contact by the German test institute ISEGA.

J-cloths are designed for use in a range of environments including industrial and catering kitchens, hotels, restaurants and healthcare outlets.

Tel: +31 485 398 111. Email:


Kärcher claims its new BR 55/40 RS and BD 50/40 RS scrubber dryer models combine the manoeuvrability of a walk-behind machine with the speed of a ride-on.

The scrubber dryers are designed for cleaning surfaces ranging from 700 to 2,500 sq m. Features include a turning circle of 1.2 m which facilitates cleaning in awkward corridors and tight spaces.

All functions of the machines such as transport mode, eco mode, standard and intensive cleaning, vacuuming and the two-step method can be activated via a rotary switch. In the economical eco mode the machine automatically operates quietly with a minimum of water, low suction power and low brush contact pressure.

All cleaning operating elements are coded in yellow, while operating elements applicable to maintenance and servicing are in light grey.

Kärcher will also be showing its T 10/1 Professional dry vacuum cleaner said to be durable, user-friendly and easy to maintain. Unlike conventional machines this features a 12 m cable that is not integrated permanently into the housing but plugged in so that it can easily be exchanged.

Another feature of the stand will be the HDS 5/11 U heated high pressure cleaner which can be easily carried up and down steps. Narrow and upright in shape compared to conventional cleaners, the HDS 5/11 U is hip height and only 70 kg in weight, while the 62 x 62 cm footprint is said to make it easy to store.

Tel. +49 7195 14 2309. Email:


Frank will be displaying its range of high pressure cleaners and dry steam cleaners at
the exhibition.

The company’s high pressure cleaner range comprises heated and unheated mobile machines as well as gas, oil and electrically-heated wall-mounted versions. The operator can choose the required programme directly from the spray gun using the machine’s TCC electronic remote control system, which is claimed to be unique to Frank.

The company will also be showing a range of self-service wash stations and accessories on its stand.

Tel: +49 2772 94350. Email:


New on the Dibo stand will be the ECN-L 500/30 cold water high pressure cleaner. This small, compact machine works at pressures of up to 500 bar and is claimed to offer the same capacity as a large trailer. Its components are made from stainless steel and lacquered steel and features include a radial high pressure pump equipped with three ceramic plungers.

Also new is the Dibo JMB-H high trailer-mounted pressure cleaner with autonomous suction system. This removes the need for extra external power since the built-in suction is driven by the motor of the high pressure cleaner itself.

The 400 litre collection bin has been integrated into the trailer and the machine’s 400 litre water tank uses the company’s GreenBoiler which is said to result in higher efficiency.

Tel: +32 14 672251. Email:


Designed for the in-depth cleaning and disinfection of hospitals, nursing homes, food processing plants and other hygiene-critical areas is IPC Sanivap from IPC.

This method uses saturated high temperature steam at a constant five bar pressure and is said to destroy bacteria, germs, moulds and other pathogens in a thermal process.

IPC Sanivap is said to be particularly suitable in the hospital environment for disinfecting operating theatres and cleaning and sanitising wards, laboratories and clinics.

Saturated steam leaves surfaces dry after cleaning and the fact that the sanitising action of steam avoids the need to use chemicals means cost and environmental advantages.

Tel: +39 0421 205511. Email:

Ing O Fiorentini

A complete range of sweepers and scrubber dryers will be shown on the Ing O Fiorentini stand.

The company also offers a range of vacuum cleaners, floor maintainers, carpet extractors and other professional cleaning equipment.

Tel: +39 055 8173610. Email:


Bespoke steam cleaning systems for the mechanical sector, the food industry and health farms are among the products supplied by Tecnovap.

The company claims to be one of the 'pioneers of steam' having offered steam cleaning machines since 1985.
It will be showing the Steam Mop which is designed to sanitise and disinfect floors and vertical surfaces as well as operating rooms, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, medical centres, nurseries, schools, spas and restaurants.

The Steam Mop is said to be light, manoeuvrable and fast and combines the power of steam with the simplicity of the traditional mop, according to the company.

Tel: +39 045 6767252. Email:


Machinery and chemical products for professional floor care will be exhibited by Abrapal. The company specialises in the manufacture of crystallisers and polishing products for use on marble and natural stone floors.

The crystalliser provides the marble floors with a natural shine while protecting and waterproofing the surface. This is claimed to be an economical method of achieving a shiny floor since there are no layers of wax left behind that would require removal afterwards.

Tel: +34 983 391813. Email:


A new range of warm air hand dryers that have been designed to save energy is new from Fumagalli. The Hi-Tech range allows air temperature and speed to be controlled.

Fumagalli Hi-Tech models are said to use only the minimum energy required. There is also the option of selecting the amount of energy desired. They operate with an increased airflow which reduces drying time by 50 per cent, according to the company. As a result, Fumagalli claims total energy savings of 75 per cent are possible compared with traditional systems.

Tel: +39 02 48403535. Email:

Papierverarbeitung Gorlitz

Papierverarbeitung Görlitz specialises in producing vacuum cleaner bags for industrial and home use.

The company offers more than 370 types of bag including microfibre options and tailor-made products.

Tel: +49 35829 6 31 0 Email:


Diversey will be presenting its SmartDose dosing platform for super-concentrated cleaners and disinfectants. This features a smart pump system designed to achieve accurate dilutions while also enabling the user to deliver different shot sizes.

The technology uses icon-based instructions to simplify training, and the fact that it is a closed system with no water hook-up is said to provide safety and cost control advantages.

The company will also be demonstrating the Taski Swingo 350, a small battery-powered scrubber dryer designed for use in congested areas such as kitchens, washrooms and other narrow areas with hard floors. It is said to clean faster than manual methods while its low height and fold-up handle allow it to reach under obstacles such as tables and racks.

The machine is said to be able to turn on the spot and carry out tough tasks such as cleaning up in quick service restaurant kitchens.

The ergonomically shaped handle is height adjustable and has hand protection to improve operator comfort and safety, according to the company. And water consumption is said to have been reduced by more than 60 per cent compared with manual cleaning due to a spray bar delivering the cleaning solution to exactly the point where it is needed.

The Taski Trolley is claimed to offer 1.3 million configurations. This features a new pop-out mop box said to provide easy access to mops while also making the trolley easier to accommodate in cupboards and lifts. A one-touch locking system locks down the entire trolley instantly, securing chemicals and expensive tools.

The height of the handles can be customised and the extensions on both sides can be folded for easy storage. The design is claimed to provide up to 50 per cent more capacity within the same overall footprint.

Both a compact Mini and a medium sized Midi chassis are available.

Tel: +31 30 247 6912. Web:


Primapalvelu will be showing its patented Primaster Magnetic Click mopping system featuring hands-free mop change.

The company will also be showing the Primaster machine for use in small areas and stairways.
Microfibre products, mops and cloths that can be printed with customers’ logos will also feature on the Primapalvelu stand.

Tel: +358 10 421 9200. Email:


Bio-Productions will be featuring a range of environmentally-sympathetic cleaning and maintenance products.

These will include the Toss Block biological urinal block which uses calcium and organic bio-degradation to prevent blockages and eliminate odours.

Bio-Productions’ biological cleaning products use cultures that are specifically blended to prevent odours, remove stains and eliminate uric crystals and calcium from carpets and floors.

Bio-Productions also manufactures the Xola range of professional floor care products which includes seals, polishes, strippers and maintainers.

Tel: +44 1444 244000. Email:


Three new vacuum cleaners will be on the Truvox stand alongside five Truvox Hydromist carpet extractors and four Orbis rotaries.

The Valet vacuum cleaner range includes the Valet Tub Vac designed for use in healthcare and pharmaceutical locations. Featuring four-stage filtration including a Hepa 10 filter, the Valet Tub Vac is said to suit any location where asthmatics need to be protected from dust.

Also new is a compact Orbis battery scrubber with a 17-litre tank and a choice of battery types, one of which can be charged while it is in operation.

Tel: +44 23 8070 2200. Email:

IPC Euromop

IPC Euromop will be showing its new Levita soap dispenser.  Made from HDS antibacterial plastic, this is said to be capable of reducing bacteria from surfaces by up to 99.8 per cent.

The dispenser has an anti-drip valve and can be operated with the elbow if required. It can be filled with either soap or sanitising gel.

IPC’s HDS plastic is certified to ISO standard 22196:2007 and its bactericidal properties remain effective for five years.

The Levita dispenser is part of a range of products made from antibacterial materials including trolleys, frames, mops and containers.

Tel: +39 049 9325075. Email:


Nettuno's lightly abrasive Sendy Wipes are for use in heavy-duty environments. These large, non-woven wet wipes are designed for areas where soap and water are not readily available. They are said to be particularly suitable for lorry drivers, mechanics, construction workers and other operatives who find it difficult to leave their workspace during the day.

Sendy Wipes are claimed to be capable of removing adhesives, paint, oil, grease and bitumen as well as substances such as polyurethane, epoxies, polyester and ink. The wipes contain lanolin to protect the skin and have been impregnated with an antibacterial additive that has been tested for resistance to MRSA, salmonella, listeria, and E.coli.

Tel: +39 035 847508. Email:

Van der Windt Verpakking

Van der Windt Verpakking will be exhibiting its Powersterko garbage bags made from a newly formulated HDPE material.

This has been developed to produce bags that are thinner than the company’s previous Sterko HDPE bag though just as strong. By manufacturing thinner bags the company has reduced the amount of material used to produce each bag resulting in keener pricing, according to Van der Windt.

Powersterko garbage bags are claimed to be suitable for a wide range of professional applications in the cleaning, catering, care and industry sectors.

They are available either loose or on a roll.

Tel. +31 174 636111. Web:


Dry ice cleaning equipment for tasks where water or chemicals are inappropriate will be shown by Cryonomic.

Dry ice pellets vaporise to gas on impact and reduce the time needed to retrieve the hazardous waste normally associated with chemical, sand and wet-blasting systems. The fact cleaning can be carried out in situ reduces downtime by eliminating the need to strip down and reassemble machinery parts.

Dry ice cleaning can be used for removing grease, resin, adhesives, paint and carbon and for cleaning moulds in the metal, rubber and plastic industries. It can also be used in aerospace, food and printing industries.

Tel: +32 9 216 76 90. Email:


Contico will be showing its Advanced microfibre range plus the semi-disposable Dispomop 3D. New on the stand will be disposable microfibre socket and kentucky mops with disposable handles aimed at controlling cross-contamination in hygiene-sensitive areas.

Contico will also be launching multifunctional cleaning trolleys that are totally enclosed along with the lightweight, multipurpose Microfibre Vega Rapid Response trolley.

The company’s portfolio includes new colour-coded socket mop and bucket systems plus a colour-coded twin mopping system designed to reduce operator back strain. Multilingual safety cones and colour-coded hygiene brushware will also be among the new exhibits.

The company will be showing a range of trigger sprayers and pump dispensers, odour control cabinets and new diamond floor pad systems for maintenance, grinding, cleaning and polishing. Contico's range also includes safety signs, entrance protection matting, dustpans, sweepers, litter pickers, window cleaning equipment, storage and utility items and waste receptacles.

Tel: +44 1209 312123. Email:


Tecnomec will be displaying its range of high pressure pumps and cleaning machines. The company’s new Tecnocooling division manufactures cooling systems for amusement parks, zoos, golf clubs, pools and open-air restaurants.

Tecnomec also offers products for industrial indoor cooling applications including fog systems for wine cellars; food processing and industry coolers; and products for agricultural and livestock purposes.

Tel: +39 0522 840805. Email:


Manual cleaning equipment, buckets, wringers and accessories will be displayed on the Splast stand.

The company will be presenting new multifunctional waste trolleys and trolley sets for hotel cleaning. These can be customised with different tools and accessories to suit customers’ own requirements.

Tel: +48 13 4373840. Email:


Rubbermaid and Technical Concepts will share a booth following Rubbermaid’s acquisition of Technical Concepts in 2008. The company will be introducing various new products including the Microburst Duet duel-refill air freshening system and the complete Hygen microfibre cleaning system.

Also on show will be the Element Indoor Recycling Station which aims to provide aesthetically-pleasing centralised collection points for multi-stream waste and recycling.

Available in one, two, three, and four waste-stream configurations, the Element Indoor Recycling Station holds up to 266 litres of material.

The restrictively-shaped openings provide visual cues for the end user in order to minimise cross-contamination, while the hinged doors are ergonomically designed to minimise operator discomfort.

Also on the Rubbermaid stand will be the Hygen microfibre cleaning system for healthcare environments. This uses premium quality split microfibre material which is claimed to be bleach-tolerant, durable and capable of trapping and holding 95 per cent of bacterial micro-organisms. Hygen microfibres can withstand up to 500 regular washes or 200 with bleach.

Rubbermaid’s web foot shrinkless wet mops will also be on show. The four-ply wet mop is made of recycled materials and claimed to be able to withstand repeated washes without shrinkage. The addition of looped ends and tailbanding is said to prevent the mops from tangling, while their antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause odours and stains.

The Technical Concepts range will also be displayed. New is the Microburst Duet System which automatically switches between two complementary fragrances loaded into the dispenser.
Flexible programming options enable the operator to select which fragrance will spray when, allowing the fragrances to be alternated at predetermined intervals. This helps to keep the scent immediately noticeable while reinforcing washroom cleanliness standards.

The highly concentrated formulation is claimed to provide three times more fragrance and odour neutraliser than standard refills, allowing one refill to last up to 180 days and replace three standard refills.

Also on show will be the TCell Air Care system which uses alternative power technology to deliver continuous air freshening and odour control.

Tel: +352 26893931. Web:


Prochem will be demonstrating two reformulated extraction cleaners. The company has added new chemicals to its B112 Neutra-Soft and S775 Extraction Plus products. S775 Extraction Plus is an improved version of Extraction Pro, a low-foam cleaning concentrate for use in carpet soil extraction machines.

New pH boosters added to the product are designed to help break down heavy soil and grease, while optical brighteners enhance the visual finish of the cleaned carpet. The Extraction Plus solution is said to be clear and stable at high temperatures and dry to a powder residue.
Suitable for use on most types of carpet, Extraction Plus incorporates a new low-foaming surfactant system which helps prevent foam build-up on the carpet and in the machine recovery tank.

Neutra-Soft is an all-in-one extraction cleaner, urine neutraliser, deodoriser and rinse agent for carpet and upholstery soil extraction machines.

Developed exclusively for the healthcare market, the product eliminates urine deposits and odours by acidic neutralisation of ammonia residues and odour pairing of malodour molecules.
Extraction machines on show will include the Bravo, Galaxy, the Steempro Powermax, the Polaris 500 and 800 models and the new Comet self-contained carpet extraction cleaner.

This weighs only 18 kilos while its compact body and fold-down handle are said to make it easy to transport and store. The Comet is sufficiently compact to clean into tight corners - additional features include a patented self-adjusting and self-levelling brush; and patented lift-off bucket.

Tel: +44 20 8974 1515.  Email:


New vacuum systems and dust extraction installations will be on show on the Delfin stand. The company will also exhibit an array of fixed suction units, pre-separators with or without filters and hoppers with manual or automatic discharge systems as well as pipes, hoses and accessories.

These allow the user to build a customised system according to the design of the building to be cleaned. This can take into account potential safety limitations and incorporate ATEX explosion-proof components or systems that offer Class H filtration for hazardous dust.

Delfin will also be showing vacuums and pre-separators for heavy-duty applications in the surface preparation industry.

Tel: +39 011 8005500. Email:


Fimap will be showing its new Genie machine which now comes in a scrubbing-sweeping version with cylindrical brushes.

The machine is also available in a battery model and in a mains-powered scrubbing version with disk brush. Fimap’s Genie is said to be particularly suitable for cleaning in coffee bars, restaurants, gyms, offices, showrooms, schools and laboratories. It can collect small solid debris and clean around corners and along walls.

The 180° flexibility of the handle bar is said to enable it to clean underneath tables and shelving as low as 35 cm from the floor.

Tel: +39 045 6060411. Email:


A range of professional detergents comes from Chimigal. The company will be exhibiting products for use on floors, in dishwashers and to tie in with HACCP systems.

Tel: +39 030 9718736. Email:


Tissue company Carind will be introducing its Value line of napkins, hand towels and interfolded toilet paper.

The range uses a new packaging concept comprising a fine film of recyclable plastic hermetically sealed along six sides of the pack. This is designed to offer superior product protection while reducing the amount of waste packaging produced.

The compact Value system is also said to occupy less space since the sealed pack can be used without a dispenser if required, and the hermetically-sealed packaging is claimed to be hygienic and in keeping with HACCP systems.

Tel: +39 0776 880005. Email:

IPC Soteco

Designed for removing dust from sensitive hospital environments is the Ecospital vacuum cleaner from IPC Soteco.

The Ecospital vacuum cleaner has a filter system that incorporates four separate stages – a Hepa intake filter, a filter bag, an antibacterially-treated cartridge filter and a Hepa outlet filter. It is certified for H class environments.

The machine is made from an antibacterial plastic which kills 99.9 per cent of the bacteria settling on it, according to IPC Soteco. This prevents the problem of bacteria causing cross-infection when the machine is moved to another ward.

Tel: +39 0372 424611. Email:


Carpet cleaners, steam cleaners and ultrasonic cleaning equipment will be at the Lamers stand. It offers specialist cleaning equipment including duct cleaning and clean air products along with the Dam liquid barrier formulation.

On show for the first time will be the Rotovac 360i, a patented system that uses rotary vacuum heads to deep clean the carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes.

The 360i weighs only 18 kg and is said to be easy to use since it operates in a self-propelled side-to-side motion.

Lamers will also show clean air products that are designed to remove bacteria, odours, moulds, viruses and other particles from the air. The company will also be presenting the new Reme air purification technology designed for HVAC systems and air ducts. The system is said to create clusters from fine dust particles to allow air filtration to be carried out.

Tel: +31 314  623341. Email:


The new Eco line of scrubber dryers will be on display on the Eureka stand. This is made up of six models available in 12 versions including walk-behind and ride-on options. These can be equipped with the patented Eco system claimed to save both water and detergent while also improving productivity.

The machines’ Brusho’matic system is said to enable brushes and pads to be changed very quickly without the need for tools. The scrub deck can be adjusted to optimise traction stability on all floor types, while the cleaning solution flow can be automatically adjusted according to working speed.

Eureka will also be showing its wide range of sweeping machines on the stand.

Tel: +39 049 9481800. Email:

Saraya Europe

Saraya Europe will be demonstrating its new range of touch-free dispensers for the facilities management, healthcare and food processing industries.

The UD series are battery-operated units said to dispense precise volumes of soap or sanitiser. They are available in anthracite/white and chrome colour options.

The company’s range also includes the UD 2200 touch-free soap dispenser with liquid soap refills; the MD 201 manual foam soap dispenser; the MDS elbow-operated dispenser for soap or disinfectant and the SC 450 toilet seat sanitiser dispenser.

The UD 1000 dispenser has a new colour design and can be used either with Saraya hand disinfectant or with foam soap.

Tel: +32 2 790 27 44. Email:


PA will be unveiling its latest range of spray guns, lances, couplers and tank cleaners made from stainless steel and food-safe plastic.

The company offers accessories including nozzles, rotating heads, strainers, injectors and rotating booms for use with high pressure cleaners.

Tel: +39 0522 623 611. Email:


Anios will be showing its hygiene and disinfection products which are designed for use in various sectors including hospitals, clinics, dental surgeries and care facilities. They can also be used in the food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries plus biotechnological environments and restaurants.

Tel: +33 3 20 67 67 67. Web:


Sempermed will be presenting its new nitrile Semperguard Xtra Lite disposable gloves along with established Semperguard Nitrile and Semperguard Nitrile Comfort brands.

Semperguard Xtra Lite uses a newly-developed formulation and production process to manufacture an ultra-thin nitrile glove said to be both highly elastic and comfortable to wear. The gloves are mainly designed for low-risk applications such as cleaning, food processing, product testing and packaging.

Semperguard Nitrile Xtra Lite gloves are free from phthalates (softeners) and allergenic latex proteins.

Sempermed offers a range of high quality products made of latex, vinyl and nitrile. All Sempermed products are suitable for food contact.

Tel: +43 1 797 77 0. Email:

V Brøndum

V Brøndum will be presenting the Green Tech version of its Ronda range of vacuum cleaners for the construction industry.

Ronda Green Tech machines are equipped with CAP motors which are claimed to be 30 per cent more efficient than traditional industrial vacuum cleaner motors.

Green Tech machines also include an improved, user-friendly pressure compensation valve for the filter cleaning system as well as a new synthetic dust collection bag.

Four machines in the Ronda range are class H machines suitable for removing health-hazardous dust. These can be connected directly to the grinding or cutting tools that create the dust, thereby removing the dust at its source.

Tel: +45 86 82 43 66. Email:


Sanipod will be launching the Sanipod Wrap - a cover for the company’s Sanipod sanitary disposal system available in a range of colours and designs. It can also be customised with a logo to provide advertising potential.

The Sanipod Wrap is said to be simple to install and clean and can be easily removed when required.
The Sanipod itself has a contemporary slimline design and is available in white or black and in touch-free and manual modes.

Tel: +649 835 0800. Email:


Invista will be launching its new FlexiSolv range of water-dilutable micro-emulsions. These semi-formulated solutions are said to be compatible with a wide variety of other solvents and additives without losing their stability.

A proportion of the solvent in FlexiSolv formulations has been replaced with water. This means they can be used either as they are, or as a core product by solution formulators.

Because of their flexibility, FlexiSolv micro-emulsions are said to provide a solution for formulators seeking to reduce the time and cost of establishing their products on market.

FlexiSolv solvent solutions have been screened using various environmental, health and safety criteria and are said to be easy to handle. The products can be used for a range of applications including paint stripping, graffiti removal, floor cleaning, degreasing, flux cleaning, resin cleaning, adhesive removal and ink removal.

Tel: +1 770 792 4221. Web:

Metsä Tissue

Metsä Tissue will be showing its Katrin washroom range. The theme of the company’s
stand: 'balance at hand' will encompass the company’s environmental, social and economical responsibilities.

The company will be advising stand visitors on how to consume less paper, generate less waste and maintain good hygiene with less effort and expense while also demonstrating its commitment to the company’s three responsibility goals.

Tel: +358 1046 16. Web:

Cleaning Component

Spares and accessories for high pressure cleaners and boilers will be on show at the Cleaning Component stand.

The company also provides steel and stainless steel coils, electrodes, pumps and motors, electronic boards, repair kits, hoses and spray guns.

Tel: +39 0523 364152. Email:


Merida will be presenting the new Merida Stella line of dispensers made from stainless steel. These are available in matt/brushed and polished steel finishes and have smooth welded edges, hidden hinges, recessed steel locks and a one-key locking system.

The range includes paper towel dispensers plus centre-pull paper towel dispensers including automatic versions. There are also waste bins plus dispensers for toilet tissue, multiflat toilet tissue, toilet seat covers, sanitary bags and gloves. Also available are dispensers featuring refillable reservoirs or disposable pouches for liquid, spray or foam soaps.

Merida will also show its new VIP liquid soap dispenser which features a chromium-plated brass body. VIP is available in matt and polished brass finishes and can either be fixed to the wall or mounted to a counter top.

The dispenser, said to be stylish and aesthetically pleasing, is aimed at offices, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools and spas.

The VIP has a cylindrical shape to accommodate modern batteries and its construction is said to be both durable and vandal resistant.

Tel: +48 71 33 97 888. Email:

Clean Part

Clean Part offers a complete range of brushes, pad-holders, floor pads, filters, squeegees and vacuum motors for all types of cleaning machines.

The company will be showing its 'green' floor pads made from 100 per cent recycled polyester fibre. Clean Part uses recycled cardboard in its packaging and claims to keep energy consumption low due to a bedrock heating pump that heats the company’s factory.

Clean Part keeps an extensive stock of products and has a catalogue featuring more than 4,000 items.

Tel: +46 355 8065. Email:

Concept Microfibre

Concept Microfibre will be displaying its EMR80 and EMR30 mops. These are said to be wear-resistant and guaranteed for 1,000 washing cycles.

The EMR30 has been designed for use in healthcare environments and other areas up to 30 sq m in size, while the EMR80 is suitable for surface areas of up to 80 sq m.

Tel: +33 2 35952070 Email:



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