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15th of June 2010


As part of our special report on mopping equipment, ECJ offers an overview of what's available in terms of products.

Defeating bacteria

NanoTech micro is a wiping cloth from Vileda Professional that has nano particles of silver embedded in its microfibre.

As silver is an antibacterial agent, this means NanoTech micro kills bacteria in direct contact, plus it wipes away 99.9 per cent of bacteria from the surface cleaned.

Storage in moist conditions is possible and tumble drying can be eliminated because bacterial growth is inhibited. The effect does not fade even when cloths are washed many times.

Tel: +49 6210 80 871 000. Email:

Short-term use

The Dispomop 3D is a short-term use microfibre mop developed by Decitex. A patented product, it can be washed up to 50 times and weighs just 15g when dry. The mop comes in four colours and it has been approved for disinfection in compliance with standard EN13697 when using only sterilised water.

Decitex says a room of 20 square metres can be cleaned with just 70 ml of solution. Water and chemical consumption are said to be reduced by up to nine times.

The system also features an on-board reservoir and aluminium frame with micro-velcro, which the company claims makes it ergonomic and flexible in use.

Tel: +33 3 21 02 9706. Email:

Bulky for absorption

Recently launched by Saul D Harrison is a range of bulky 300 gsm microfibre cloths. Stronghold Steadfast is the new industrial non-woven wipe, which is low linting, strong and absorbent. Four versions are available and the wipe is available in roll and quarter fold.

Also in the company's range are colour coded, polishing, silicone-free and solvent-resistant wipes.

Tel: +44 1708 377330. Email:

Triple layer disposable

The disposable Ffast is a triple layer mop developed by Flash. The bottom layer is a perforated non-woven that can be supplied with or without microfibres. The middle layer is an absorption layer which absorbs and releases the cleaning liquid and is resistant to detergents. Finally the top layer protects the floor tool against liquid and dirt and fastens the layer to the tool.

The company has also expanded its Roll-O-Wipe range of non-woven cloth rolls which come with a dispenser to keep wipes clean and hygienic when being transported on a trolley. And Roll-O-Wipe Tendertex is a sticky cloth which offers improved grip on dust and heavier dirt.

Tel: +31 73 53216769. Email:

Quick and easy

For quick and simple interim cleaning Wecovi has launched Wecoline Clean 'n' Easy ready-to-use cloths. These have been impregnated with a cleaning agent, making them suitable for use in any area where sudden spills need to be dealt with quickly.

The cloth comes in four colours and the accompanying trolley also contains buckets, cloths, disposable gloves holder and bin bag holder. The cloths can also be wall-mounted using the two-bucket wall bracket.

Tel: +31 38 468 68 68. Email:

Pictograms sewn in 

For clearer identification of the area of use of its cleaning cloths, Vermop is now offering its premium Softtronic I and Softtronic II microfibre cloths with sewn-in pictograms for the area of use in the matching colour.

In this way, the company says, the cleaning operative can see at a glance which cloth is intended for which purpose, eg, blue cloth for general surface cleaning.

A wide selection of cloths is available in the range, along with Tuboxxes, so colour coded cleaning systems can be implemented easily.

Tel: +49 8105 77 88 9 100. Email:

A new generation

Lavette Super New Generation wipes from Chicopee Europe have been granted the Certificate of Compliance by the German test institute ISEGA for direct food contact. This means they can be used as cleaning cloths even if they come into direct or indirect contact with dry, moist or non-fatty foodstuffs.

This new generation of wipes also offers antibacterial activity through a specially formulated fibre and binder composition. The open structure is said to provider superior dirt pick-up, while they are easy to rinse and dry quickly (they can also be machine washed). Colour coding aids compliance with HACCP requirements.

Tel: +31 485 398 111. Email: 


A new multipurpose microfibre cloth has been added to 3M's range - the Scotch-Brite Essential Microfibre Cleaning Cloth 2012 is suitable for the removal of dirt, dust, oil, grease and fingerprints from a wide variety of substrates including painted surfaces, metal, wood, glass, chrome, plastic, ceramic and marble.

Measuring 360 x 360 mm the cloths can be used damp or dry, with or without chemicals, and can be washed repeatedly at high temperatures. They can be used with bleach if required. Four colours are available.

Web: www.3m/eu/facilities

Reduce consumption

SCA Tissue Europe’s Tork Performance dispensers are designed to increase efficiency and reduce consumption in the workshop. The range comprises a new range of dispensing systems that have been engineered to make wiping easier and to help control costs.

The dispensers have been designed to improve workflow and reduce costs by reducing refill time and controlling the amount of wipers used.

All centrefeed dispensers have side-opening panels for easy loading. They can be opened either via a push-button or a key, while splash-proof external seals protect the wipers inside.

The W4 wall-mounted dispenser holds up to 300 clean-cut wipers, while the new W1 floorstand has a spring-loaded spindle that allows a giant wiper roll to be changed in seconds.

Tork giant rolls, Tork combi-rolls, centrefeed rolls and clean-cut wipers can all be dispensed.

Tel: +44 1582 677400. Email:


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