New products - CMS 2011

15th of September 2011

ECJ's preview to what's being launched at the CMS show in Berlin from September 20-23.


Among the new products on the Kärcher stand is the walk-behind B 40 C-W scrubber dryer, featuring a brand new operating system called the Kärcher Intelligent Key. This is used to set individual user profiles, making it extremely easy to operate, claims the company.

First, parameters such as speed of travel, brush rotation speed and detergent dosage are set to suit the application. The premises manager then transfers these settings to the operators’ keys and after that the operator uses a rotary switch to select the programme required.

The machine is economical to run, says Kärcher, because only the required amounts of energy and detergent are used - it is particularly energy-efficient on the eco!efficiency setting.

Water temperature in the new compact class hot water high pressure cleaners can be varied between 20° and 155°C - also for energy-efficient operation. On the eco!efficiency setting, the machines’ fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 20 per cent because many types of soiling can be removed at around 60°C.

Tel: +49 7195 140. Email:


Dreiturm's stand features the new range of surfactant-free cleaners - Torwol, Torwol A and Torwol S. These cover the complete pH-value scale, the company says, and meet the cleaning demands of most surfaces when applied either manually or mechanically.

Neofris citrus+ is a new alcohol-based surface cleaner with a long-lasting, fresh perfume.

Tel: +49 6663 9700. Email:


Haaga is launching two new sweepers, both suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The Haaga 477 has a sweeping width of 77 cm and incorporates dust-protected drive and flexible rubber gaskets on the roller brush. The battery-powered Haaga 677 is designed for more demanding conditions and has a capacity of 3,800 square metres per hour. If the battery runs
out of power, it can be used manually.

Tel: +49 7021 3642. Email:


The Sofidel Group is an international group specialising in the manufacture of tissue in both the consumer and professional markets.

In order to further define its position in the away-from-home market, the company has launched the Papernet brand, and this will feature for the first time at CMS. Sustainability and hygiene are core to the values of this new addition to the Sofidel business, it says.

Tel: +39 0583 2681. Email:


The key feature of the Unger stand is window cleaning with pure water systems. An expert will demonstrate the HiFlo CarbonTec system and the RO and DI- water filter systems on a live demo window, and visitors have the opportunity to try them for themselves.

The HiFlo range is being expanded with the addition of some new tools, such is an entry indoor cleaning system which enables effective cleaning of windows which are hard to reach. Also new is the Y-Adapter for the HiFlo MultiLink adapter system - allowing the operator to use two tools at height such as a cleaning brush and a scraper or a scrubbing pad.

The new ErgoTec Ninja squeegee for window cleaners offers channels of up to 105 cm in length - meaning more work in less time. And Unger says its ergonomic construction ensures smooth and easy working, even for long periods.

Tel: +49 212 2207 0. Email:


Specialising in professional sprayers for use with cleaning agents or foam is Gloria. Both the FoamMaster FM 10 and FM 50 are particularly suitable for use with foam, the company says, and the user can easily vary the degree of foaming.

The FM 10 has a capacity of one litre and is designed for cleaning smaller objects such as lavatories and kitchens. With a five-litre capacity the FM 50 is recommended for effective cleaning of larger objects. Both are equipped with a high performance pump and fan nozzle.

For large scale cleaning with acid and alkaline cleaning agents the company has developed the CleanMaster series - CM 12, 50 and 80 - with capacities of 1.25, five and eight litres. For smaller applications there are half-litre and one-litre versions - the CM 05 and 10.

Tel: +49 731 140 60 560. Email:

Metsä Tissue

Hand hygiene specialist Metsä Tissue is demonstrating its Katrin lines of paper hygiene products and dispensers. The theme of the company's stand is Hygiene Spreads Success.

The company aims to illustrate how paying more attention to hygiene can reduce illness and increase productivity in the workplace. It will focus on its e-learning system, plus hand washing stations are being installed to enable visitors to try the systems for themselves.

Tel: +358 1046 16. Email:

Bay West

The Bay West line of coloured washroom dispensers - for toilet tissue, towels and hand soap - is being showcased at the Disposables UK stand. Designed to reduce consumption and minimise waste, the company says these models can lower operating costs.

For example, Wave'n Dry, Hands-Free and Hybrid hand towel dispensers each deliver a measured amount of paper to every user to save on over-use. And cross-contamination risk is reduced because the user does not have to pull a lever or press a button to get a towel.

Tel: +44 1484 854460. Email: 


At the Hako-Werke stand there will be a cross-section of the company's range for industrial cleaning, contract cleaning, city cleaning and outdoor maintenance. This includes vacuum sweepers, scrubber dryers, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, floor polishers and street sweepers.

The company also boasts a comprehensive service package, which includes 24 hour service, emergency help lines round the clock and extended warranties. And there are alternatives to outright purchase - such as hire, leasing and rental - along with used machines.

Tel: 49 4531 8060. Email:


SCA is presenting its latest washroom innovations under the theme Simple, Economical, Sustainable. Among the new solutions on show is a range of foam soaps.

Tork Anti-microbial Foam Cleanser - designed for the food and healthcare industries - is kind to the hands while also containing 40 per cent ethanol which means it destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi. Tork Mild Foam Soap is particularly suitable for use in public toilets in restaurants, offices and hotels; and Tork Extra Mild Foam Soap is aimed at environments such as schools and hospitals.

Tel: +49 621 778 4700. Email:


Wecoline pads by Americo will feature on the Wecoline stand. Made from 100 per cent recycled fibres and water-based latex resins, these are suitable for all floor cleaning tasks.

New in the range is the Wecoline Maroon Chemical Free Stripping Pad, which has been designed to remove floor finishes and repair floors without chemicals. For use on standard rotary or oscillating floor machines, it is used dry or with water.

Also on the stand is the complete Wecoline microfibre cleaning system, incorporating products for cleaning interiors, sanitary units, flooring, walls and ceilings. For example, the mechanical flat mop moisture control system dampens the microfibre flat mop in one action with exactly the right amount of water.

Tel: +31 38 468 68 88. Email:

All Care

Mediqo-Line is the latest range of dispensers and washroom accessories from All Care - comprising hand cleanser, towel and glove dispensers; waste bins; feminine hygiene bins; and toilet brush holders. The products have been designed for use in areas where maximum hygiene and functionality are priorities, making them suitable for healthcare and food processing environments.

Also recently added to the company's portfolio is the Qbic dispenser range, featuring a cubist design.

Tel: +31 318  517 778. Email:

IPC Euromop

Taking centre stage on the IPC Euromop stand is the Healthcare Disinfection Suite (HDS) system of cleaning products, encompassing trolleys, dispensers, mops and waste bins. Developed specifically for high risk and high traffic areas, this line is claimed to limit the risk of transmission and spread of bacteria through the transfer of cleaning equipment from one area to another.

The updated Hotel line of trolleys is available in various modular options and incorporates rigid ABS panels covering three sides, closed toilet roll holder and top cover - for tidy appearance and security.

Tel: +39 049 9325075. Email:


High pressure cleaner specialist DiBO has added a Waste Water Control (WWC) system as a new feature in its Green Technology models.

An autonomous working vacuum system, combined with a hot water high pressure cleaner on a trailer, makes it possible to clean at high pressure without leaving the polluted residual water behind. And the machine can be connected to various accessories - for example a floor or wall cleaner.

The GreenBoiler has also been fitted, which means low emissions and 18 per cent less fuel consumption.

Tel: +32 14 67 22 51. Email:


Specialising in high pressure cleaning systems for applications including surface cleaning, duct cleaning and belt cleaning is Mosmatic.

The floor cleaner FL-AHK-KAU 520 with Air Recovery System has an integrated chewing gum remover. The successful launch of that led to the development of a new bigger version, with 750 mm stainless steel housing.

Tel: +41 71 375 64 64. Email:

Dr Schnell

Chemical specialist Dr Schnell is promising improved versions of its Milizid, Forol and Floortop building cleaning formulas at the show.

Tel: +49 89 35 06080. Email


Kimberly-Clark has launched The Healthy Workplace Project, an initiative designed to show facilities managers how taking steps to eradicate germs from the office environment could cut absenteeism and raise staff productivity levels.

The company says it will offer companies advice and practical support to enable them to install hygiene systems around the workplace and to inspire staff to use them regularly. Businesses who sign up to the project will be offered the opportunity to receive a comprehensive assessment of their working environment, from reception desks to individual workstations. Kimberly-Clark Professional will then make tailored recommendations on where to place its products - such as hand sanitisers and desk wipes.

Also included is a pack comprising stickers, posters and other material carrying information and messages about workplace hygiene. The aim is to encourage long-term positive change in staff behaviour.

There is also a dedicated website at offering guidance on implementing healthy workplace initiatives and on how to best engage with staff to communicate the benefits of workplace hygiene.



Visitors to the Diversey stand can see the new TASKI by Diversey swingo 4000 ride-on scrubber dryer. Designed for large areas, key features are manoeuvrability and compact design, says the company.

For smaller and congested areas there is the swingo 350, which is an ultra compact battery operated floor cleaning machine. Other new products on the stand include the QuattroSelect lockable chemical dosing systems and the TASKI cleaning trolley.

Tel: +31 302476911. Email: 


New from CEBE is Limporo, a cleaner for fine stoneware and other hard surfaces boasting deep penetration into micropores. This means thorough cleaning of finely structured surfaces without clogging the pores.

Also debuting is the concentrated all-purpose cleaner Lemon Fresh Ammonia, which can be diluted up to 1:100. And Kill Odor T ready-to-use solution is a product designed to be a treatment after water damage.

Tel: +49 40 851 82 15. Email:


The new five-litre foam unit Foam-Matic 5 P from Birchmeier is designed for mobile and flexible foaming without connection to a compressed air line.

Thanks to the large air compression volume, the effective hand pump and four bar operation pressure, a very dry foam can be created - ideal for cleaning vertical surfaces and equipment. Plus the long contact and reaction time save mechanical cleaning effort, energy, chemical and working time. Birchmeier claims one litre of foam liquid can cover up to 40 square metres.

Tel: +41 56 485 8181. Email:


The iMatic is the newest Wetrok ride-on scrubber dryer, boasting simple operation thanks to the touch-sensitive Touch N Go operating panel. The electronic Smart Drive System (SDS) allows the operator to steer, accelerate and brake with just one hand.

The operating panel comes in six languages and a number of cleaning programmes can be stored in the system. This means cleaning chemical and water are applied automatically.

The operator does not need to dismount the machine to change cleaning agent, as the iMatic carries two containers and the integral chemical injection system ensures excess chemical is never used. To tackle stubborn stains, there's the Power Shot.

Tel: +41 43 255 5103. Email:

Karlhans Lehmann

Karlhans Lehmann specialises in cleaning systems for glass, façades and solar equipment. Its Lewi and Qleen ranges are designed for cleaning at heights up to 20 metres, and one of the most popular tools is the Rotaqleen electrically operated brush head.

New on the stand is the Qleen Indoor system for cleaning of indoor window surfaces and staircases. Comprising telescopic poles, a vaporising system for pure water and microfibre pads, the operator works from the ground and can even reach into hard-to-access areas.

Tel: +49 3981 48850. Email:

Ophardt Hygiene

The new SanTRAL HAU 1 automatic paper dispenser from Ophardt Hygiene offers automatic paper feed and it can accommodate many different standard paper rolls. A no-touch version is also available.

The whole SanTRAL range of washroom dispensers comes with a five year manufacturer’s warranty and a durable Anti-Fingerprint-Coating (AFP). This, the company says, makes cleaning and care easier and less costly (the coating is resistant to standard cleaning agents).

The stainless steel line PLS offers value for money, claims Ophardt, encompassing soap and paper towel dispensers, waste bins and accessories.

Tel: +49 2835 18 10. Email:


Celebrating its 50th anniversary with the launch of a number of new machines is vacuum cleaner producer Nilco. Among them is the dry tub vac IC 225, with a 19 litre canister capacity and operating radius of 13.5 metres.

Also new is the S 20 Öko Power dry tub vacuum cleaner, which boasts high filter quality, large operating radius of 15 metres, Super-Silent-Technology and many accessories.

Tel: +49 7042 9120. Email:


MagicArt is the new range of hotel cleaning trolleys from TTS - the company says they incorporate Italian design and elegance to make them a powerful communication and marketing tool.

Seven collections are available and trolleys can also be customised with logos or any
other illustrations.

Tel: +39 049 93 00 710. Email:


Dispenser specialist Steiner has been focusing on ecology recently, and CMS sees the launch of the Simply Eco 2 line, which is made from 100 per cent recycled materials. The company has also reduced the environmental impact of its production process and designed more eco-friendly packaging.

Also new is the automatic warm air dryer Stein'air, incorporating Microban protection, which can house a perfume cap.

Tel: +41 21 614 04 04. Email:


The main focus of the CWS-boco stand will be the CWS ParadiseLine of towel, soap and fragrance dispensers - new colours are being launched. The Stainless Steel series of dispensers will also be on display.

Visitors can also see the boco Freestyle functional workwear collection, which is suitable for interior and exterior use.

Tel: +41 44 809 37 77. Email:


The DCS Hybrid system, claims HTC, can bring heavily worn down natural stone and terrazzo floors back to their original quality and shine. Stains and scratches are removed using specially designed tools on ordinary cleaning machines. No chemical is required, only water.

DCS Hybrid has recently been redeveloped and the lifespan is now at least double that of the previous version. The micro scratch pattern has also been improved and the system now has a better overall grinding performance, according to HTC.

In addition, visitors can see the Twister diamond floor pad, which is also used without chemicals. This can be used on most common floor surfaces such as terrazzo, ceramic tiles, linoleum, vinyl/plastic, natural stone and concrete.

Tel: +46 121 29400. Email:

Tecnica International

Tecnica International specialises in upright vacuum cleaners and at the show is launching the HD 14- or 18-inch heavy duty model for cleaning of large open areas as well as tight congested spaces.

The low profile and ability to operate when the handle is completely flat to the floor allows the HD line to clean under furniture, while the onboard wand and stretch hose allow for cleaning of difficult-to-reach areas.

Both power heads have multi-level manual adjustment - four levels - for optimum cleaning on all levels of flooring. The brush strips can be replaced when worn.

Tel: +39 0432 570845. Email:


Sprimsol has developed the automatic Fregomatic wringer, a compact machine that wrings out mops, cloths, towels and other cleaning tools at the touch of a button.

The Fregomatic, which works on a rechargeable battery, is said to offer a robust design and long lifespan and can be adapted to work in conjunction with most trolleys, buckets and mop holders. It is claimed to speed up cleaning tasks.

Fregomatic works with a rechargeable battery.

Tel: +34 956 41 77 54. Email:


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