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15th of October 2010

A look at the latest in hard floor care technology.

Forwards and back

The new scrubber dryer RA 320 IBC from Cleanfix has been designed for areas between 20 and 200 square metres. With its slim working width of 33 cm and continuous battery run time of up to 40 minutes it is suitable for areas like restaurants, shops and petrol stations.

The machine can clean forwards and backwards because of two sets of specially positioned suction nozzles which enable cleaning even in hard-to-reach areas. The two counter-rotating brushes clean even deep joints and safety floors.

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Just one layer

Thermodur-diamant high solids acrylic emulsion polish from Johannes Kiehl is a three-dimensionally cross-linked polymer emulsion polish with high rub and scratch resistance for the protection of floor coverings in high traffic areas.

Thanks to the high content of synthetic material and the use of innovative raw materials, even old and exhausted floor coverings become highly dirt-resistant after only two applications and routine cleaning becomes more economical - the company claims. And on high-density and new surfaces, this effect can be reached with only one application.

The coating, which is free of PU, is resistant to surface disinfectant cleaners and largely resistant to hand disinfection products.

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Designed for transport

The Qleeno Train has been developed by Superclean for cleaning floors inside trains and other large transportation vehicles. It can be used for cleaning in stations straight off the platform or at maintenance and service depots.

The machine is said to combine mobility with a larger tank capacity than an external extractor - this means the operator can clean for longer before having to stop and refill. The extractor can, if necessary, be left outside the train while the operator takes the Qleeno inside to scrub the floors.
At just 20 cm high the machine can clean under seats and tables, and its edge is even lower at 15 cm to enable it to reach under foot rests and other lower obstacles.

The handle tilts sideways for easier reach - it can slide easily between a row of seats to clean hard-to-access areas. Minimal water and chemicals are used.

Tel: +46 31 19 11 88. Email:

Chemical free

In these times of pressure on budgets, Tennant claims its ec-H2O chemical-free floor cleaning technology has been proved to help reduce total cleaning costs by up to 35 per cent. Because the system uses up to 70 per cent less water, consumption is dramatically reduced while productivity increases - because operators can clean for much longer with the same size of water tank.

ec-H2O is also claimed to outperform cleaning with traditional chemicals, even in industrial applications. The cost of chemicals is actually eliminated, operators do not need to be trained in chemical use and costs related to storage/administration are saved.

Tennant launched ec-H2O on the T20, an industrial large scrubber dryer as well as the M20 and M30 scrubber/sweepers and the T3+, a compact scrubber dryer that cleans in narrow aisles with a large 60 cm scrub head to clean under racks and shelves.

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Coating and care

To tackle extreme wear on hard floors CEBE Reinigungschemie offers the universal sealer UniSeal, or alternatively UniSeal Matt. Both are based on a combination of polyurethane and acrylate copolymers and constitute a semi-permanent sealing system.

While the urethane component makes the formula extremely durable and resistant, says CEBE, the acrylate component makes it removable. Both versions can be used on stone (except highly polished granite), concrete, PVC, linoleum, untreated wood and parquet and fine stoneware. When applied to worn linoleum, it claims, the floor will look almost new.

UniSeal and UniSeal Matt can be polished with a rotary brush machine or with a high speed polisher. Maintenance is carried out using either the wax based Neutra Shield or the polymer-based Spray Shield. Both maintainers may be used manually or in automated scrubbers.

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Healthy and green

The Bullen Companies says its new SanoVerde floor care system represents the next level in sustainable floor maintenance. There are four 'green' certified formulations in the range, designed to give a three-year minimum no-strip floor that will result in labour and chemical costs.

The line comprises a floor finish, cleaner, restorer (gel or liquid) and also a deep scrub/stripper.

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Fixxing floors

The Fixx and Step Down are two new floor care formulations from Spartan Chemical Company developed with the aim of reducing downtime.

The Fixx is a high solids floor finish and sealer, with premium gloss and a long-lasting response to burnishing, extending the time between recoats by as much as five months and strip-outs by 18 months - claims Spartan.

Step Down Low Odor Finish Liquidator is a floor finish remover designed to quickly penetrate and eliminate heavy finish build-up. The low odour formulation is suitable for use in facilities with confined areas and where strong finish remover odours would be problematic.

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Enrich and protect

To protect the natural beauty of stone and ensure a slip resistant surface Amano Pioneer Eclipse developed the Eclipse Hard Floor System. There are five products in the range, which aims to simplify floor care and achieve optimum results with minimum labour.

Eclipse Hard Floor Coating is a water-based formula claimed to produce a long-lasting, highly scuff-resistant surface. Eclipse Hard Floor Sealer, a water-based VOC compliant formula, does not require acid etching before application and creates a durable non-yellowing foundation for coating application.

For increasing the adhesion of coatings to hard floors where alkalinity is a problem there is Eclipse All-Purpose Neutraliser, while Eclipse Neutral Cleaner is a low pH, all-purpose floor cleaner that removes soil without harming shine. Finally, Formula X is an ultra high performance, non-ammoniated stripper designed to cut through build-up and water-based seals.

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Flower labelled

DreiNatura is a range of cleaning products from Dreiturm which has been awarded Eco-flower status. Its floor cleaner incorporates care components based on water-soluble polymers and is suitable for daily maintenance cleaning of all water-resistant floor coverings.

Dreiturm says it has a fresh smell and can be used manually or in automatic scrubbers. It does not form layers and does not cause dark rims - it can be polished out and is suitable for high speed and spraying methods.

Said to economic in consumption, 20-40 ml of DreiNatura Floor Cleaner is used per eight litres of water depending on soiling.

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Stepping on

BR 55/40 RS and BD 50/40 RS step-on scrubber dryers from Kärcher are designed to combine the manoeuvrability of walk-behind machines with the area capacity of ride-on models. Their compact design means narrow aisles such as those dividing supermarket shelves or between checkouts can be cleaned right up to the edges.

The operator stands in an elevated position on a step at the back of the machine while cleaning, so has a good view of the working area. The front wheel rotates through 90° so the machine can be turned on the spot, in a turning circle of just 1,200 mm.

Displays and filling and emptying systems are clearly arranged and designed for easy access, says the company.

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Replace rubber

The patented Hygienic Squeegee from Moerman is designed for HACCP-compliant floor cleaning and features rubber that can be replaced thanks to its locking cassette system.

Available in a number of colours the squeegee is built for heavy duty use and uses green natural rubber for better wiping results, absorption of water and wear resistance.

Available in 40 and 60 cm, Moerman Hygienic Squeegees and their replaceable rubber cassettes are individually packaged in a plastic food compliant polybag with label.

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Green finish

A new line of environmentally responsible cleaning products has been launched by Essential Industries, with G2 Green Finish as the centrepiece of the range. This is a floor coating which boasts superior black mark resistance, a deep lay down gloss and fast drying time of 20 minutes under normal conditions.

Because this is a self-sealing product there is reduced need for additional sealer. Care and maintenance include simple mopping and dusting with burnishing only as required. G2 Green Finish can be used on vinyl tile, rubber, linoleum, terrazzo, sealed concrete and quarry tile floors.

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