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15th of September 2010

A look at what's new in the world of carpet cleaning.

Carpet and tiles

The new Rotovac 360i cleans both carpet and tiled floors and can be attached to the auto fill/empty Rotovac CFX Continuous Flow Extractor. The compact CFX is claimed to be less than half the size of a standard extractor and is equipped with dual two stage or dual three stage vacuum motors.

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Removed by vacuum

CEBE Reinigungschemie offers a number of carpet care products. Spray Brite is a concentrated multi-purpose carpet cleaner consisting of a synergistic combination of salts. Dirt is encapsulated and absorbed by a pad or extraction cleaning. Residual soil crystallises and is removed at the next vacuuming.

ProLipAm is a powdered pre-spray enzyme combination for use on water resistant carpets.
Soil Shield and Power Protect are two additives for stain and resoiling protection based on acrylates and fluorochemicals. Both can be added to cleaning solution and are part of the Quik-Dry system.

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Green Seal certified

All dry carpet cleaning products made by Host have achieved the new criteria of GS-37, Green Seal's environmental standard for institutional and industrial cleaners. Green Seal is an independent eco-label in the USA and the Host range meets its performance, environmental and packaging requirements, including a plant audit.

The fifth edition of GS-37 tightened many restrictions.

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Backpack label

Backpack vacuum cleaner manufacturer Pacvac has achieved Green Label certification from the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) in the USA for its Superpro 700 model. This means it offers a high standard of indoor air quality compared to non-certified cleaners.

The Superpro 700 is designed for airports, commercial premises, stores, schools, etc.

Tel: +61 8 9479 1444. Email:

Carpets or floors

Carpet Cleaner has developed a new wet and dry cleaning machine which can be used for both carpet and hard floor applications - including floor washing, scrubbing/drying and tile grout cleaning. It is said to be particularly effective on profiled floors, PVC, tiles, stoneware, natural stone, rubber and non-slip safety floors.

Operation is based on two counter-rotating brushes which provide the brushing or scrubbing action and collect either the saturated carpet cleaning compound or the dirty water. Different spare brushes are available for other surfaces.

Typical applications include hotels and offices, which often have both carpeted and hard floors. Two machine sizes are available - PRO 35 and PRO 45 - for capacities up to 125 square metres on carpets and 250 square metres on hard floors.

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Hot water efficiency

According to Nilfisk-Advance, hot water cleaning is the most effective method for carpets. It has developed the MX range of carpet restoration machines, with the MX 307H featuring an in-line heater to provide hot water on demand.

The Evolution injection and extraction wand which comes with the machines is rotationally moulded in low density polyethylene - designed for maximum laminar air flow. At half the weight of traditional steel wands, it is said to reduce residual water by 50 per cent compared to other models.

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Easy for large areas

The Easy Clean machine from Clean Source Technologies has been developed for large surface area carpet cleaning and maintenance. It features a direct vacuum unit which the company claims enables the user to be more productive.

Basic cleaning can be carried out without the use of chemicals, alternatively powder can be used for large areas and spray products for spot cleaning.

Also from the company comes the Easy Vac 3.0 single motor upright vacuum cleaner. Large wheels with ball bearing; detachable cable; lighted switch; adjustable handle; replaceable brush; telescopic wand with suspension  hose; and 15-metre cable all come as standard.

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