Enziclean bioactive cleaner from Bullen

28th of December 2017
Enziclean bioactive cleaner from Bullen

Enziclean is a new bioactive cleaner, organic waste digester and odour eliminator designed specifically for porous floors and walls by The Bullen Company.

Released under the Truekleen brand, Enziclean is suitable for use in food service and food processing facilities, as well as in institutional washrooms and shower areas.

The formula’s bioactive agents are based on an optimised bacteria mixture that produces five different types of enzymes (lipase, amylase, protease, cellulase and urease). These enzymes break down organic matter such as grease, food, blood, cellulosic fibres and urine, for easy removal.

Enziclean leaves behind a pleasant scent and continues to clean long after use.



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