New products 2 - ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2010

15th of April 2010

ECJ continues its look at new products being launched at the show.


Hako-Werke will be presenting sweepers, compact vacuum sweepers and modular scrubber dryers. It will also be showing a range of single disk and polishing machines plus ride-on combined sweeper/scrubber dryers as well as city cleaning machines and compact tool carriers.

Highlights of the stand will include the Hako-AntiBac, an antibacterial dirty water tank. This is designed for use in hygiene-critical areas such as clinics, rest homes, canteen kitchens and food processing environments and can be used with Hakomatic CLH models.

The Hako-AntiBac is said to prevent the issue of bacteria build-up in dirty water tanks over a period of time, especially if the inside of the tank has not been completely cleaned after use. This could pose a risk in sensitive areas such as clinics, the company says.

Tel: +49 4531 806 369. Email:

R+M de Wit

R+M de Wit will be presenting its new portable ST-163 foam and disinfectant unit aimed at areas that require frequent cleaning and disinfecting.

The unit is designed for use with vehicles that carry cattle, food, frozen foods and fish to prevent the risk of any bacterial spread. The ST-163 can also be used in milking parlours, fisheries, cattle breeding stations and poultry farms.

Suitable for lathering, rinsing and disinfection applications, it operates at pressures of 50-300 barwith a flow of between eight and 30 litres per minute.

The foam device is made from a combination of stainless steel and high performance plastics, and extra chemicals can be added by changing the lever position. The foam is said to cover large areas and ensure long periods of exposure while also enabling the operator to easily see the area that has been cleaned.

Included with the unit are two one-metre suction hoses plus an ST-31 intake filter.

Tel: +49 20 56 98 22 0. Email:


Gloria will be unveiling its  Type 90 Foam Sprayer - claimed to create a foam that is both solid and long-lasting to ensure better adhesion to surfaces. The Type 90 unit is aimed in particular at the vehicle cleaning and sanitation sectors.

The foam sprayer is operated by pouring the cleaning agent into a plastic tank and then actuating a hand valve. A suction device inside the pressure tank sucks up the cleaning agent and mixes it with oxygen to the correct ratio. The user can then make some simple adjustments to alter the consistency of the foam so that it can be wet and fairly loose for use on horizontal surfaces or firm
and long-lasting for cleaning vertical surfaces.

The Type 90 Foam Sprayer has a one litre capacity and operates at pressures of three bar. It is equipped with a safety valve, high-powered pump, 110° flat jet nozzle and an ergonomically-shaped handle.

Tel: +49 731 140603. Email:


A patented range of paper, soap and air freshener dispensers will be demonstrated by Profida. The company will also be showing an assortment of metal and plastic bins along with new ashtrays featuring a reusable aluminium inner bag.

New fragrances available for Profida air fresheners will be on show along with new diffusion systems covering up to 5,000 square metres.

The company will also be launching a range of no-touch and jet hand dryer systems and exhibiting paper dispensers featuring a new tear-off system.

Tel: +33 32 72 81 919. Email:


Epoca will be exhibiting its new Tec-One 1000 professional pump. This 1,310 ml capacity unit is supplied with a protection cap claimed to prolong the life of the product, while a manual and automatic pressure release valve prevents any product spillage. This can often occur during the manual depressurising phase where there is no safety valve to prevent it, says Epoca.

The pump has been designed to ensure accurate dosage and to fit into a cleaning trolley. It is available in a polypropylene version or in PA nylon with seals in FPM and EPDM.

Tel: +39 0424 8849 24. Email:

IPC Ready System

New from IPC Ready System is the compact, lightweight Wow cleaning trolley. This can be provided either with a bag holder for waste collection or a holder for two buckets. Both versions include a generous front-mounted bucket with mop squeezer.

The fact that the trolley is compact and manoeuvrable makes the Wow particularly suitable for use in restricted areas and tight spaces, according to the company. It can also be easily stored in smaller cupboards and storage rooms.

The trolley has a polypropylene base and a Rilsan-coated metal frame with 80 mm nylon wheels. It is claimed to be easy to handle and quick to assemble with all parts interlocking together. All corners are rounded to eliminate any areas where dirt can accumulate.

Tel: +39 049 9070625. Email:


Daunpol manufactures NanoClean chemicals using patented technology based on nanoparticles of silver and copper.

These remain on surfaces after cleaning to create a long-lasting barrier against the regrowth of microorganisms.

The system is said to be particularly suitable for use in healthcare facilities, food processing environments, schools, kindergartens, nurseries, beauty salons and changing rooms. Products in the range can be used on textiles as well as on floors, walls, ceilings and work surfaces. They are resistant to UV rays and will not cause any fading of surfaces, the company claims.

Daunpol also produces the Herkulan line of chemicals as well as paper hand towels, hand towel rolls and toilet paper.

Tel: +48 22 5940600. Email:


Celtex will be showcasing a wide range of disposable paper products for the medical, hygienic, industrial and horeca sectors.

The company produces disposable products made from tissue and non-woven materials along with corresponding dispenser ranges.

Tel: +39 0583 2741. Email:


A range of entrance matting systems and dust control products will be displayed by Milliken.
Recent innovations include the Obex modular entrance matting system which is designed to act as a primary barrier for dirt entering a building through pedestrian and wheeled traffic.

The Obex range consists of six different tile types and is claimed to be easy to install and maintain.

Tel: +45 8785 8585. Email:


Greenspeed will be showing its new Floormop Injection Tool - FIT - for use with microfibre flat mops. This is a mobile device that contains 10 dry floor mops which have been sprayed with a predetermined dose of cleaning agent depending on the floor type.

The mops can be washed at least 350 times and the fact that the FIT leaves no polluted water behind results in cleaner floors. The system is said to prevent the problem of over-moistening mops which can affect working conditions, while the fact that it is a hygienic system is claimed to improve working conditions for cleaners compared with traditional mop-based systems.

Greenspeed will also be showing a full range of microfibre-based cleaning products such as cloths, mops, pads and mitts.

Tel: +31 70 345 87 37. Email:


Mirage floor cleaning machines will be exhibited by Cilmas. These will include Mirage 250-600 cold water machines which have two rotating cylindrical brushes and are available in a steam cleaning version.

New on the stand will be the Mirage washer/dryer with disk brushes and axial movement, while the Mirage 490 Spinning washer/dryer has a patented rotating radial brush system.

Tel: +39 55 4377970. Email:


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