Birchmeier foamers and sprayers

14th of May 2014
Birchmeier foamers and sprayers

Birchmeier emphasises the importance of using the most chemical resistant equipment for the relevant chemical solution - choosing the right sprayer increases its lifespan.

The company offers a selection of spraying and foaming systems that are designed for different chemical resistances - from small 0.5-litre plastic trigger sprayers up to 100-litre stainless steel foaming units.

With the Rondo-Matic 5E, for example, Birchmeier says it is offering the most resistant five-litre compression sprayer on the market because it can withstand high concentrations of acids and alkalines thanks to the materials used in its construction.

Other particularly chemical resistant units are the 1.6-litre high density polyethylene sprayer Clean-Matic 1.25E and the Spray Matic 10SP, which combines the robustness of a 12.5-litre stainless steel tank with the chemical resistance of a polyethylene inside tank. 

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