Better spraying with new Birchmeier valve

27th of July 2021
Better spraying with new Birchmeier valve

New from Birchmeier is a pressure control valve that can be used to flexibly set working pressure between one and three bar. Suitable as an accessory for all manually operated backpack sprayers and compression sprayers with a capacity of three litres and more, it can be mounted easily between the trigger valve and the hose.

Before spraying, the user selects any pressure from one to three bar on the setting wheel. The pressure control valve ensures the pre-set working pressure, regardless of the effective pressure level. If this is lower than the pre-set pressure, the flow will be interrupted. Higher pressure is regulated down to the pre-set pressure.

A bypass position can also be set. The pressure control is switched off or the pressure in the tank will be reduced down to zero bar to empty or clean the sprayer.


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