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15th of June 2010

A look at what's new in the food preparation hygiene sector, as part of this edition's special report.

Detectable tools

The Harold Moore metal detectable range of polymer hand tools comprises shovels, paddles, scrapers, hand scoops, round bowl scoops, universal stirrers and flexi scrapers.

They have been designed specifically for the food processing industry and are all produced from a specially formulated material based on high impact food contact approved polypropylene. This material can be detected and rejected by typical metal detection machines.

To bring them into line with colour coding systems, the tools are available in red, blue, green, yellow and now also in white. This new white range proves the full and complete dispersion of detectable elements throughout the product.

Tel: +44 114 270 0513. Email:

No contamination

Tucel Industries developed the Fusion process for eliminating cross-contamination of brushes, brooms and other tools during cleaning by eliminating holes, staples and glues. All its fused products are also 100 per cent recyclable.

Tel: +1 802 247 6824. Email:

Mobile unit

Kärcher’s HD 10/15-4 F is a powerful cold water high pressure cleaner designed for use in areas where hygiene is important. The mobile unit is suitable for high water inlet temperatures of up to 85°C and the clean brushed stainless steel housing makes it suitable for use by butchers, the food industry and industrial kitchens.

Water flow rate is 1,000 litres per hour at a pressure of up to 145 bar - the Servo-Control on the spray lance allows infinitely variable adjustment of both. The 1055 mm spray lance and trigger gun are particularly robust to make them suitable for tough continuous-duty applications.

Two five-litre tanks of detergent can be stowed on the back of the unit and precision detergent metering between 0.5 and six per cent ensures economic use of consumables.

Tel: +49 7195 140. Email:

No slips and falls

In the food processing and food service industries, slips and falls account for around 30 per cent of accidents resulting in long-term absence.

Notrax anti-slip floor mats made from rubber compounds, offer good adherence and instant evacuation of fluids. The anti-fatigue properties stimulate continuous micro-movements of the feet, minimising blood stagnation in the legs. And workers are insulated from cold floors to improve their overall perception of well-being.

Tel: +31 180 61 57 44. Email:

Filament retention

Produced under its Salmon Hygiene Technology brand, the Resin-Set range of brushes from Hill Brush has been developed to clean hygienically sensitive areas in food production facilities, dairies, schools, catering establishments and restaurants.

Hill says it has made improvements in brush filament retention, where each tuft is stapled into the brush back with food grade stainless steel staples in the normal way, then epoxy resin is floated into a recess on the face of the brush.

The resin permeates the bottom of the tuft hole, covering the filaments and staples as it goes in. The resin seals the face of the brush and makes the chance of a filament pulling out extremely remote, while also inhibiting the accumulation of dirt or moisture in the tuft holes.

Total colour coding is available in eight colours.

Tel: +44 1747 860494. Email:

HACCP dispenser

Ophardt Hygiene has developed  a soap dispenser that complies with HACCP requirements. The flat surface of the stainless steel case means it can be cleaned easily and the bacteriostatic properties prevent the growth of bacteria.

The sloping top complies with hygienic design standards for cleaning and sanitising, while the long-life pump can dose liquid soap, alcoholic disinfectants and hand washing lotions.

Both the  dispenser and pump can be autoclaved, sterilised or dish washed. And the unit is mounted with the Ophardt wall back-plate system which means it can be unlocked with one finger.

Tel: +49 283518 0. Email:

High temperature

Dry steam cleaning and sanitising is now used in many food preparation and handling areas as a method of removing grease, grime and contaminants. OspreyDeepclean offers a number of systems.

High temperature steam expands explosively on contact with a cool surface, and together with low pressure application instantly loosens food debris, dirt and grease. Bacteria and other undesirable micro-organisms are either destroyed or safely removed by a powerful vacuum motor into the waste water tank for later disposal. For more heavy duty applications steam can be combined with a special detergent.

Tel: +44 1242 513123. Email:

Microbial action

Using biological processes, Novozymes Biologicals' solutions for grease traps and drains help to eliminate drain build-up and reduce unpleasant odours. The patented microorganisms
in the formulations are designed to degrade both short and long-chain fatty acids, proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates.

Novozymes also offers solutions for floor cleaning, which target the removal of greasy soil in a three-phase action. When floors are mopped, the patent-pending surfactant technology lifts greasy surface soils for easy removal. Residual organics are then attacked by a proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms. Finally the natural technologies break grease into small particles that are easier to emulsify - speeding and aiding cleaning.

Tel: +45 44 46 00 00. Email:

Only in white

From Brosserie Thomas comes a line of professional hygienic brushes for use in food processing and preparation areas. All  products can be colour coded by fibres, frames and handles.

Its new CHR line complies with all HACCP requirements and is said to be light and easy to use. Developed for cafés and restaurants, this range comes only in white.

Tel: +33 1 64 05 20 23. Email:

Dedicated models

Among its range of hot and cold water high pressure cleaners, Mazzoni has some models developed for the food industry - mobile and static units in stainless steel.

The KSF comes in five versions and is equipped with security systems such as timed total stop, drop security system, elastic coupling between motor and pump and safety valve.

Accessories like rotating nozzle or brushes can be fitted easily to the machines.

Tel: +39 0522 575156. Email:

For foam cleaning

From Birchmeier comes a wide range of industrial spraying and foaming equipment for use in food production areas. This varies from 0.5 litre plastic trigger sprayers to 100 litre stainless steel foaming units.

The large Indumatic units operate using pressurised air and offer an adjustable foam quality from very dry to wet foam. Where no pressurised air is available there is a 20 litre stainless steel foaming unit with built-in compression - the Foam Cleaner 20.

Also from Birchmeier comes a foam gun operated via the water mains and featuring an in-built mixing ratio dial.

Tel: +41 56 485 8181. Email:


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