Necktie doubles as a cleaning cloth

22nd of January 2013
Necktie doubles as a cleaning cloth

A company has developed a necktie with a microfibre backing designed for cleaning delicate surfaces such as spectacle lenses, smartphones and iPads.

The silk Ferrell SwipeTie has an integrated inner tip made from microfibre to remove smudges and smears. The tie is the brainchild of Swipe Apparel which was founded by Michael Kim and Avi Padhye in 2011.

"We both come from professional backgrounds and would always encounter sharply-dressed men who would rub their ‘phones on their trousers and jackets to try to wipe off the built-up gunk," said Kim. "We knew there must be a better way.

"Most clothing material is not designed to clean glass or plastic screens, so wiping your phone screen on your shirt will minimally reduce the dirty screen or make it worse. And carrying a cleaning cloth......who wants to do that?"

The Cailfornia-based company also manufactures a cotton T-shirt - the SwipeTee - which has an integrated microfibre badge. This can be either placed on the left or right sleeve or to the front of the T-shirt according to the customer's requirements.

The microfibre segment of both garments is said to be particularly suitable for removing fingerprints and smudges from delicate surfaces such as eyeglass lenses, iPhone and Android smartphones, iPods, iPads and other portable entertainment and tablet devices.



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