SYR's Solo flat mopping dosed trolley

5th of December 2013
SYR's Solo flat mopping dosed trolley

A microfibre flat mopping dosed trolley system has been added to the SYR range. It says that Solo costs up to 70 per cent less than similar models.

The system offers different heads for different types of cleaning, including silver mops which prevent bacterial growth on them.

The built-in dosing system avoids overdosing, pollution and costs - mops are prepared with a known and set amount of solution as they are used so cleaners do not have to carry around pre-dosed mops.

Solo comes with three storage trays and one dosing tray, heavy duty outer sack and laundry mesh sack. It joins SYR’s range of Space Saver trolleys, which have a folded-down footprint the same as the average mop bucket, making them suitable for where storage space is limited.

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