Puracator cleans pipes and drains

6th of July 2018
Puracator cleans pipes and drains

Blocked or constricted drains can result in water spillage and unpleasant odours - one of the most common causes is the build-up of fats and deposits.

Puracator is a new system that can gain access to the pipework despite obstructions including ‘P’ traps, bends and ‘T’ pieces to deliver cleaning of the entire inner surface of the pipes.

Thanks to the specially designed Purascope, Puracator can deliver a pressured ‘ring’ of water at five bar which will both remove obstructions and remove surface contamination including any bio-film which may have formed on the inner surface of the pipework - without risking damage to the joints and fittings.

Cleaning is carried out along the length of the pipe and more importantly, over its entire inner surface. Saturated steam is then applied to the entire inner surface of the drain, making it hygienically clean. After cleaning any enzyme or biocide treatment can also be applied to the inner surface to inhibit future growth and extend the period between cleaning.

Applications include urinals, refrigerated cabinets and sink units. Two machine sizes are available.



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