A sticky situation we’re happy to step in

23rd of September 2021
A sticky situation we’re happy to step in

The world's first battery powered gum removal machines, our GB1 and GB Eco, remove pieces of old well-trodden in gum off the streets, quickly and quietly!

Since the inception of this range 5 years ago, not one boiler has needed replacement, proving their reliability. Not only that but it costs only £3 per hour (on average) to run our machines - a quarter of the cost of steam machine competitors, whereas gas-powered machines at their lowest cost £9 per hour.

Discreet and efficient, the GB1 and GB Eco are ideal for street clean/scene teams to use during the day or at night, without causing any nuisance or disturbance in densely populated areas as it is virtually silent during use. The robust design is cord-free preventing cables or generators holding users back.

With minimal effort the steam and detergent instantly break down dried, stuck-on gum. Using the brass brush to agitate and lift off the now-powdered gum residue leaving a clean, gum-free patch.

Listed on DEFRA's approved Technology list, our machines use a maximum of 6 litres of water for every one charge's worth of operation. Compared to the average pressure washer, which uses at least 3.55 litres of water to remove just a single piece of gum, our steam machines use at most 0.005 litres, making them a sustainable choice in the fight for cleaner streets.

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