An apple a day keeps the visitors coming to the Sutter stand

12th of May 2016
An apple a day keeps the visitors coming to the Sutter stand

Sutter Professional is taking a fresh approach to its stand giveaways this year.

Instead of the usual pens, chocolates and cuddly toys, the company is handing out shiny green apples to its visitors.

The crates of apples are being used to promote the company's new Zero line of cleaning products which are made from 100 per cent vegetable-based ingredients. Apple cider, to be specific.

The range consists of a floor cleaner; a bathroom saniiser and descaler; a glass cleaner and a surface degreaser. Dishwash and laundry products will soon be added to the line.

"We don't know of any other companies offering products that are entirely vegetable-based," said export area manager Alessio D'Amico. "Apple is a powerful natural acid and our apple cider-based products work very well for cleaning and degreasing as well as for cleaning glass and mirrors."

But how do they taste? "Some people ask us if it is OK to drink them," admits D'Amico. "We tell them: ‘Probably. But we wouldn't advise it as they haven't been tested on people'."

Sutter's apples are theoretically on the stand for display purposes only. But the company has shipped in a week's supply - which will be good news for ISSA visitors desperate for a healthy snack after feasting on the abundant supplies of cakes and pastries from other stands.


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