Three top tips for smart service provision

14th of June 2018 Article by Chris Edwards
Three top tips for smart service provision

Chris Edwards, facilities show brand director, emphasises that first-class service provision comes from a combined investment in people, technology and the workplace

Technological advances, inventions and innovations have transformed the way we live and work. Now there is an opportunity for the cleaning and facilities management (FM) industries to deliver improved service provision by using building technology in a smarter way. However, for businesses to be successful, they must also address the working environment and staff welfare, so that all three factors combine cohesively for smarter service provision.

Managing facilities intelligently

Most commercial buildings contain a growing number of technological devices and control systems, whether heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, fire safety or security. The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping organisations to get more from this building data, by enabling these various systems to exchange information with each other in an integrated, and dynamic way. Smart buildings of the future are connecting data to improve performance, reduce operating costs and ultimately make better decisions, helping to transform the cleaning and FM industries.

By using technology more intelligently, cleaning and facilities managers can gain a much clearer picture of what's happening in their building and this can have a powerful effect on the way that facilities are managed. This is crucial when clients expect the best results and innovative solutions, but delivered in the most efficient way possible.

For example, the data generated by an existing security system could measure footfall. This could enable teams to manage cleaning provision more effectively, based on building usage and occupancy.

Data from networked sensors in meeting rooms can help to manage room occupancy and inform service staff when a room needs more refreshments or requires cleaning, helping service providers respond to customer needs more effectively.

New platforms are being developed to connect machines, dispensers and other devices providing greater insight into equipment usage and productivity, product consumption and operations. This can help cleaning staff track the location of devices such as waste paper bins and cleaning carts as they move within the building, saving time for staff.

Sensors can also help track when a product is running low, for example in washrooms. Cleaning operatives can have more control of their schedule through mobile devices and more accurate information about products and machinery to enable them to do their jobs efficiently.

Smart working trends

Working environments and practices are also changing. Businesses are looking at ways to boost staff productivity through a number of measures including flexible working, office zoning and hot desking. New considerations are being put on the workplace environment, including how to design them, workplace technologies, the management of building security and how to measure the impact of the working environment on the business.


Employee well-being should be at the forefront of company culture. The most sophisticated technology and workplaces in the world would be nothing without the people that work within them. Successful businesses invest in their workforce through training and fair pay. Forward-thinking organisations are also looking at practical ways to improve staff welfare, including introducing a combination of sit and stand desks to improve posture, offering corporate gym membership, providing fresh fruit, encouraging staff to take lunch breaks and arranging team-building days.

Combining for success

Technology is becoming more and more advanced and can be used to improve many aspects of facilities management. At the same time, organisations should not forget the importance of the human touch and of creating the right working environment.

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