No longer lo-tech

14th of March 2018 Article by David Cullen
No longer lo-tech

David Cullen, ceo of CCS Cleaning, takes a look at how software is improving cleaning businesses.

When you think of new technologies in the cleaning industry, most peoples' minds will wander to cleaning robots or automated devices. There's no doubt that these technologies are improving every day and certainly have secured their place in the industry, but equally as important for many cleaning businesses are the bespoke cleaning software platforms now available.

Platforms like these are improving the business model for countless cleaning companies. They are completely changing the way they operate by streamlining data collection and empowering their users with accessible and usable data. Pragmatic cleaning businesses will understand that the marketplace has changed and thus will recognise a need for change in the way they do business.

Traditionally cleaning has been thought of as quite a low-tech industry. This is no longer the case with more and more cleaning businesses embracing technology and searching for easier and more intuitive ways of doing business.

This is where the real value in bespoke cleaning software platforms can be harnessed. Platforms like these are all about connectivity and bridging gaps in information; they are online and cloud-based meaning once you are a user they can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Which means no more calling the office asking for an employee file or rooting through filing cabinets for a piece of health and safety documentation- all of this can be accessed through the online platform. Just think of the man-hours you can save!

These cleaning software platforms can be used to manage multiple aspects of business, including HR, equipment management and health and safety. They're a truly integrative solution that can record, file and store all relevant documentation and data pertaining to an employee, piece of equipment or site records. They allow for information to be accessed in real time and can actively improve processes through data collection and connectivity. This streamlined approach improves efficiency and leads to increased productivity.

Until cleaning businesses really embrace these kinds of software they will not recognise the multiple benefits. After all, how many people 10 years ago would have scoffed at the idea of a Fitbit or an I-phone? It's not a leap of faith, it's using the best tools available to you in 2018 and finding a system that works for your business.

Software platforms like this aren't going away- instead, they're going to become more and more ubiquitous. The benefits of these systems from remote access, reduction in man-hours to eliminating human error, are indisputable, and early adopters are putting their businesses at a distinct advantage.


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