Could cleaning trolleys help to improve the working environment?

11th of May 2016
Could cleaning trolleys help to improve the working environment?

A product that assesses the "healthiness" of a building could be used in conjunction with cleaning trolleys to improve the working environment.

Air Smart from Alpheois is a sensor box that monitors factors such as humidity, lighting levels and particulate matter arising from printers and other equipment.

When positioned on a cleaning trolley, Air Smart becomes a mobile measuring device that keeps an ongoing check on the healthiness of the atmosphere.

"It is ideal for anyone who has a high level of sickness in their building and wants to know why," said Alpheois unit manager Robert Swarttouw.

Cleaning trolleys are an ideal vehicle for Air Smart, adds senior account manager Eric Muller. "The trolley is already mobile which means it can measure the atmosphere continuously as it is pushed throughout a building."
He says poor lighting can cause staff to develop headaches, while particulate matter from printers can lead to lung problems. "Low humidity can also cause headaches and dehydration," he said. "Staff may also receive static shocks from door handles and other equipment when the air becomes too dry."

The ideal level of humidity for a working environment is 55-60 per cent, according to Muller. He checked the humidity at the Amsterdam RAI and found it to be just 48 per cent.

In an ideal scenario, cleaners would be trained to interact with building occupants and share their Air Smart findings, says Muller. "For example, a cleaner could point out when humidity is low and suggest that windows are opened," he said. "He or she could also recommend a change of lighting."

This element of the technology has met with mixed success, he adds. "Some cleaners are uncomfortable about talking to office workers, whereas others are looking for an excuse to interact and find the system to be a good way of getting the conversation going."



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