Aseptix ManuGuard is fully virucidal

25th of November 2011
Aseptix ManuGuard is fully virucidal

Disinfection products specialist Aseptix says the virucidal efficacy of ManuGuard, its line of hand disinfectants for critical environments, has been extended. The line of gels and liquids, available in fragranced and unfragranced versions, now carries the full virucidal claim according to European Norm EN 14476.

This means they are effective against all enveloped and non-enveloped viruses including Noro-, HIV-, HBV-, SARS-, Influenza-, Polio- and Adenovirus.

Along with broad spectrum efficacy, the ManuGuard range of hand disinfectants also boasts maximum skin friendliness. The ethanol based formulations contain advanced skin moisturisers which makes them feel like a cream. They have been designed specifically to meet the needs of heavy users of hand disinfectants.

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