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25th of November 2010

An overview of the latest developments in hand hygiene

Better availability

Professional disinfection  specialist Aseptix has introduced new packaging for its Triclosan-free skin disinfectant. All products in the Professional line - GermGuard Hand Wash, GermGuard Hand Rub, ManuGuard Gel and ManuGuard Liquid - are now available in 500 and 1,000 ml cartridges for Eurobottle wall dispensers. This dispenser is standard in many industries such as medical and
food processing.

GermGuard Hand Wash Professional is a fragrance-free foaming disinfectant while GermGuard Hand Rub Professional is a skin-friendly disinfecting hand rub to be used without water. The ManuGuard line of hand disinfectants (gel and liquid) is ethanol based, with advanced skin moisturisers to encourage hand hygiene compliance in hygiene-critical applications.

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Optimum combination

Diversey’s Softcare Med H5 is an alcohol based hand rub for infection control in healthcare applications combining Propan-1-ol, Propan-2-ol, glycerine and cellulose thickener. The company says this gives the optimum product for antimicrobial activity, skin care, standards compliance and safety in use.

Softcare Med H5 is a gel incorporating a thickening system that does not instantly liquefy and run off the hands. It is available in a variety of formats including cartridges for wall mounted dispensers or pelican pumps for general locations and small carry bottles for personal use. This ensures rubs can be located conveniently.

Proximity sensor

The Hygolet SAVO Sensor is a dispenser of hand soap and disinfection gel. With infrared proximity sensor technology, the automatic battery-operated dispenser is suited to hygiene-sensitive environments.

Features include non-drip pump mechanism, simple cartridge refilling and locking system. The unit is made of white ABS plastic and is suitable for recycling and one alkaline battery set is sufficient for at least 12 fillings or one year. The 650 ml cartridge contains enough soap for 1,300 dispensing operations of 0.5 ml.

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Disinfect in all sizes

Specialising in hand disinfection products ranging from small pocket-sized bottles to advanced dispensers is Plum. The company's latest product is the CombiPlum electronic hands-free dispenser for hand disinfectant and liquid soap.

Used in conjunction with hygienic disposable bags for accurate dosing and minimum waste, the unit can be mounted on the wall or alternatively on a floor stand and placed wherever it is needed.

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Workplace initiative

GOJO Industries Europe has launched Workplace Wellness in Europe, a programme and toolkit to help stop germs spreading by hands in the workplace. Comprising recommended product regimes, educational materials and site visits, the new programme aims to provide a “total and bespoke solution”.

A study conducted by GOJO of employees at FedEx in Ohio, USA, aimed to examine the effectiveness of an alcohol-based hand sanitiser programme on reducing employee absenteeism.
Conducted over a 34 week period, it tested two floors in the same building, with approximately 250 employees on each floor. One floor was asked to use PURELL Hygienic Hand Rub – along with an educational programme - and the other was not. The sample populations were comprised of similar ‘white-collar’ jobs, and the employees in each group did not largely interact with one another.

It concluded that the population using the programme had absenteeism rates that were 21 per cent lower than those who had not, indicating that employers could gain several valuable work days per year by implementing the system.

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Looking good

According to Brightwell its new Mercury dispensers offer a modern look while also being easy to clean, highly functional and reliable. Manufactured in ABS plastic with a brushed stainless steel cover plate, the range includes a soap dispenser, paper hand towel dispenser, a 25-litre waste bin and toilet tissue dispensers.

Viewing windows make it easy to check when consumables are running low. Pumps and fittings are interchangeable for refillable reservoir, disposable soap cartridges or pouches. A touch-free version is also available.

The stainless steel finished Mercury range can be customised - the soap dispenser can be locked to a particular product.

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Promoting hygiene

SCA Tissue Europe offers soap and hand towel systems under its Tork brand. The Tork Hand Cleaning and Care system, for example, comprises an alcohol gel sanitiser plus a range of soaps in a sealed cartridge.

Soaps available in the range include Tork Premium Liquid Soap Extra Mild Unperfumed, which is particularly suitable for frequent use in the hygiene-critical healthcare sector.

Also designed for environments where hygiene is of paramount importance – such as the food sector - is Tork Extra Hygiene Liquid Soap which conforms to EN1499 and reduces bacteria by 99.9 per cent. An optional arm lever is available for the soap dispenser.

For areas where water is not available there is Tork Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser, which conforms to EN 1500.

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Monitoring health

Developed particularly with healthcare applications in mind, the Ophardt Hygiene Monitoring System (HMS) comprises disinfectant dispensers with counter functionality. Each time the operating lever is activated, the withdrawal of the disinfectant is recorded automatically.

The captured data is then sent wirelessly to a central server, where the information is stored. In this way differentiated data about hand hygiene behaviour for varying time intervals and locations can easily be obtained. And that data can be used to create precise consumption profiles, and weak spots can be identified and acted upon.

The energy needed for data transmission from dispenser to server is generated mechanically, through the activation of the operating lever during the withdrawal of disinfectant - no additional electrical supply is required.

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Very important 

The VIP liquid soap dispenser from Merida boasts good looks, durability and  innovative design. Suitable for use in offices, hotels, restaurants, leisure centres etc, the body is made of chromium plated brass.

VIP can be fixed to the wall or mounted on a countertop. Two finishes are available - matt and polished brass. The unit is lockable and has a 300 ml refillable plastic reservoir. There is a 10-year warranty on the chromium surfaces.

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