Trojan Battery enters renewable energy market

1st of November 2012

As part of its ongoing strategy to offer a wide range of deep cycle battery options for the renewable energy market, Trojan Battery has added a new 140AH 12-AGM battery to its range.

This is designed for applications that require maintenance-free battery power such as in remote areas where proper maintenance cannot be guaranteed.

Trojan's deep cycle AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries have a number of features to optimise performance, it says. A separator of glass fibres isolates the positive and negative plates while acting as a blotter to absorb the electrolyte. The separator is maintained under compression between plates to assure contact with the plate surfaces resulting in reliable power generation.

A computer-generated, low calcium grid design is optimised for high power density, and allows for reduced gas emissions. In addition the battery features a flame arresting, one-way press relief vent to prevent build-up of excessive pressure.

These models are low temperature tolerant, shock and vibration resistant, and have a low internal resistance for higher discharge current and high charging efficiency.

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