Time is running out for China batteries, says Trojan

16th of May 2012
Time is running out for China batteries, says Trojan

The days of the cheap battery from China are numbered according to Trojan's EMEA sales director David Chambers.

He says recent scandals involving lead poisoning in children - and the Chinese Government's reaction in closing down battery factories - will have a major impact on that country's battery sales.

"Many companies have been buying batteries from China because they are cheap," said Chambers. "But China is coming to the end of its day."

China is the world's largest producer and consumer of lead for batteries, but over the past few years the Chinese government has closed down hundreds of battery factories following reports of lead poisoning in children living nearby. Excessive amounts of lead in the blood can cause damage to the digestive, nervous and reproductive systems and can also impair brain development in children.

Trojan offers a range of deep cycle flooded batteries that can be used to power cleaning machines. The company has recently expanded its range of sealed batteries, which Chambers claims to be a growing market.

According to Chambers although price matters to most customers, run-time tends to be the most important consideration when buying a battery.

"We are a premium brand at a premium price," said Chambers. "If it was all about price, then we wouldn't be in business."





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