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15th of October 2010

As part of our special report, an overview of air freshening technology.

Cleans the air

Cleanaer is a patented air treatment solution by Atrium Innovation that combines an air purifier and fragrancer to clean and sanitise the air, remove odours, smoke, allergens and airborne germs.
The units are suitable for use in offices, hotel rooms and corridors. Cleanaer Anti-Viral Tea Tree Oil cartridges are claimed to kill 99.99 per cent of flu viruses on contact. Cartridges are also available in several  ambient fragrances and with a fragrance-free option for allergy-sufferers.

The 24 cm high battery-operated device is designed to be attached to a wall and operates for 24 hours a day. It does not release ozone and removes particles from the air using patented particle-clearance technology.

Tel: +44 1491 838 326. Email:

Totally safe

OdorGone is a chemical free odour neutraliser which its manufacturer claims is 100 per cent natural and safe for users to inhale. Made from a blend of 37 essential oils, it is said to be free from toxic ingredients as well as being biodegradable.

Used by hotels, restaurants, contract cleaners, hospitals, etc, OdorGone can be added to carpet shampoo, humidifiers, air conditioning systems, dampers and laundry. It can also be sprayed directly onto floors, carpets, upholstery and bathroom surfaces.

Available in ready to use spray, semi-concentrate and capsules through MP Trade across Europe.

Tel: +48 32 203 45 72. Email:

Control intensity

Designed to remove odours in washrooms and entrance halls, the Hygolet air freshener dispenser Hygofresh 2008 uses electronics to offer complete programmability. Fragrance intensity can be controlled using spray settings, resulting in time, labour and cost savings.

Features include LCD display, Weekend Off function, adjustable spray intervals, 3,000 metered sprays from each 250 ml aerosol refill, perfume and battery refill indicator, low battery consumption.

Four fragrances are available.

Tel: +41 44 933 56 56. Email:

Continuous control

Vectair Systems has added some new V-Air fragrances for its V-Air odour control system - developed to work continuously for up to 60 days in an environmentally responsible way.
This is possible thanks to new advanced wick-based technology instead of a gel. And V-Air operates without the use of batteries, harmful propellants or VOCs.

The new fragrances are Linen, Ice Cool, Summer Rain and Toujours. Cartridge refills are recyclable and fit any dispensers.

Tel: +44 1256 319500. Email: 

Comes with fan

The Even Plus air freshener from Proandre works via a fan which distributes perfume continuously through a porous membrane, preventing premature evaporation of the content and possibly of the fragrance.

The unit is powered by one alkaline battery and intensity of fragrance can be adjusted using the fan, which has three functioning modes. Effective in spaces up to 80 square metres, the system is said to be particularly suitable for the hotel industry, offices and changing rooms because no spray is used.

Also from Proandre, the Neo Breeze Aerosol 250 ml air freshener works with two batteries and is totally programmable in terms of spray interval. It can be used in spaces between 25 and 60 square metres, and comes with a choice of fragrances.

Tel: +34 93 860 03 41. Email:

Autumn fragrances

Fresh6 fragrances, which are the latest additions to Steiner's air freshener range, have been formulated to bring a breath of autumn to washrooms, waiting rooms and reception areas.
Different fragrances are designed to bring different moods to the area they are used in - some create an upmarket impression, others give the perception of freshness.

Several dispensers are available, including the new RICO MK2 or the FIFO, which operates without a battery. Both offer various options.

Tel: +41 21 614 04 04. Email: 

Completing the range

Available from SCA Tissue Europe as part of a complete Tork washroom range is the Tork Premium Airfreshener system. This easy-to-refill system provides up to 90 days of fragranced air and is suitable for washrooms in places like offices, hotels and restaurants.

The systems delivers 3,000 bursts of spray per refill covering an area of up to 170 cubic metres. It is housed in a compact Tork Elevation dispenser so it is discreet, takes up little space and reduces storage and transport costs.

Refills are available in Fruit, Floral and Citrus aromas and can be programmed to last for 30, 60 or 90 days with either a 24- or 12- hour operation and a five or seven-day week as required. The battery lasts up to 36 months and there is an optional audio tone that sounds when a refill needs to be fitted.

Tel: +44 1582 677400. Email:

Switches automatically

Rubbermaid has developed the Microburst Duet System which automatically switches between two complementary fragrances loaded into the dispenser. Flexible programming options enable the facilities provider to select which fragrance will spray when, allowing the fragrances to be alternated at pre-determined intervals. This helps to keep the scent immediately noticeable to washroom users while reinforcing washroom cleanliness standards.

The highly concentrated formulation is claimed to provide three times more fragrance and odour neutraliser than standard refills, allowing one refill to last up to 180 days and replace three standard refills.

Tel: +352 2689396. Email: 

Remove bacteria

Lamers offers a complete range of clean air products that are designed to remove bacteria, odours, moulds, viruses and other particles from the air. The company has also developed Reme air purification technology designed for HVAC systems and air ducts.

Besides removing odours and micro-organisms such as viruses, mould and bacteria the system is said to create clusters from fine dust particles to allow air filtration to be carried out.

Tel: +31 314  623341. Email:


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