Funky gum-removal machine packs a battery-powered punch

10th of May 2016
Funky gum-removal machine packs a battery-powered punch

Osprey Deepclean's latest chewing gum-removal machine has a fun and funky look.

The company's Gum Busters Compact machine was on display for the first time at ISSA/INTERCLEAN.

"Our original Gum Busters machine was the only battery-powered gum-removal machine on the market when we launched it last year," said marketing manager Katy Bell.

"Our new compact version is also set to be a winner because it can be used in restricted areas such as aisles and aircraft as well as in locations such as schools, airports and shopping centres."

The compact machine can be operated continually for two hours and takes four hours to recharge. It is operated via a single 12 volt battery and can be safely used in all weather conditions, according to Osprey Deepclean.

The original version- the larger GumBusters GB1-M6072 - uses two 12 volt batteries and works for a continuous six hours after an overnight charge.

"The beauty of both these machines is that they are completely silent which means they can be used during the day without causing any disturbance," said Bell.

"Chewing gum is a huge problem and some studies show that 90 per cent of the gum chewed ends up on the floor. Our GumBusters units use steam and chemicals to dissolve gum on contact - and this removes the problem."



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