New products - ISSA/INTERCLEAN CEE 2011

18th of May 2011

As ISSA/INTERCLEAN Central & Eastern Europe opens in Warsaw, Poland, ECJ previews the new products being launched there.


The key themes of the Diversey stand are sustainability and innovation. Among the new product launches are scrubber dryers and additions to the chemical concentrates systems.

The latest addition to the TASKI by Diversey range is the battery powered TASKI swingo 4000 scrubber dryer. It cleans up to 6,500 square metres between tank refills and is suitable for round-the-clock operations in retail, transport, healthcare and other large-scale applications.

SmartDose is a dosing system for daily cleaning with EU Flower concentrates, incorporating a patented dual-setting dispenser that doses product accurately and consistently into spray bottles, buckets, sinks or scrubber dryers. Three EU Flower products are available to cover all main daily building care tasks while a fourth product is available for disinfecting floors and other surfaces.

QuattroSelect is a wall-mounted system for larger sites using three or four concentrates, with a lockable cabinet accommodating four concentrate pouches. Products can be dispensed in different dilution ratios for filling any combination of spray bottles at low flow rates and buckets and scrubber dryers at high flow rates.

Tel: +31 30 24 76 911. Email:


ResiNet is a cleaner for removing resin and adhesive agent residues in gym areas. Developed by Pramol, it can be used with a cleaning machine or applied manually, and also removes thick, dried-on layers.

Pramol has also expanded its product range for oiled and sealed floors in response to the growing popularity of parquet surfaces, with the introduction of its Wood-Product line. Said to prolong the life of wooden floors with correct use, these solutions encompass basic cleaning, maintenance cleaning, deep cleaning and aftercare.

Tel: +41 71 931 70 30. Email:


Unimop specialises in cleaning systems encompassing trolleys, buckets, mopping systems and dustpans. The company also produces the Hyline Brush range of colour-coded hygiene brushes for use in food processing, kitchens, hospitals, the chemicals industry and the pharmaceutical sector.

Environmental considerations and ergonomics are also top priorities in product development, the company says.

Tel: +31 1 646 12763. Email:


Rubbermaid has two new skin care systems on its stand - the Flex and the ProRx industrial solution.

Designed for schools, universities, changing rooms, showers, restaurants, and office buildings, the Rubbermaid Flex Systems offer the flexibility of foam and liquid refills in one dispenser. With up to 3,250 hand washes per refill, the dispensers' adjustable portion control can be used to offer optimum, environmentally responsible hand washing at lower cost-in-use.

Rubbermaid ProRx is intended for use in production, industrial, engineering and manufacturing washrooms and offers a total skin hygiene programme for protection, cleaning and care of hands. Using TC EnrichedLotion skin care products, this system is designed to clean a broad range of soils.

Email: Web:


For removing floor finishes and repairing floors without the use of chemicals, Wecovi has developed the Wecoline Maroon Chemical Free Stripping Pad. It can be used dry or with water and Wecovi claims just one machine pass is sufficient to remove the finish.

The pad's fibres consist of 100 per cent recycled material and only water-based latex resins are used during the binding process. And it is suitable for use on standard rotary or oscillating floor machines.

Tel: +31 38 468 68 88. Email:


Greenspeed specialises in microfibre cleaning solutions, encompassing products for the cleaning of floors, walls, furnishings and sanitary fittings.

Apart from product development, the company focuses on E-learning; consulting and supervision; the Mobile Carepro system; and tailor-made solutions.

New product introductions at the show include the Sprenkler DeLuxe, the Foxduster, Splinky Diamond sponge, X-Mop and Diamond Shoepad.

Tel: +31 70 3458 737. Email:


Cleaning trolleys and accessories producer Splast has three new ranges on display - AquaSplast, ComfortSplast and AssepticoSplast - designed to optimise wet cleaning.

Featuring modular and modern design, the AquaSplast line boasts high quality materials combined with stainless steel, sliding trays or shelves, protective bags, additional pockets and elastomeric bumpers.

Designed specifically for the hotel industry, the ComfortSplast range again features modular design with the additional option of having wood or textile housing. Capable of performing a variety of duties, these trolleys can be used for the transport of clean laundry or hygiene
products, or alternatively the collection of dirty laundry or waste segregation.

Finally, AssepticoSplast is a range of trolleys, mop frames and accessories  incorporating antibacterial technology which makes them suitable for use in areas where hygiene is of primary importance.

Tel: +48 13 43 738 39. Email:


Microfibre cloths, mops, mop frames, handles, soap dispensers and dusters are among the products on the Stadsing stand.

New from the company is the Dan-Mop Spray Handle, which sprays in front of the mop to cover the mop head evenly in water. The bottle on the handle is said to be easy to remove and refill or empty. The frame can be used with a cloth or Velcro mop and it can be stored easily after use.

Stadsing says the system eliminates the need for bringing out a cleaning trolley for small spillages in busy areas.

The company has also developed the Dan-Mop Quick Antibac mop. Made from a mixture of microfibre and polyester, it is designed for damp and wet conditions. Stadsing says it can kill the majority of bacteria it comes into contact with.

Tel: +45 70 15 34 00. Email:


Completing the Lavor Pro line-up of scrubber dryers is the SCL Comfort XS UP, which is said to offer the compact design and manoeuvrability of a walk-behind with the comfort and capacity of a ride-on.

Suitable for use on small and medium sized surfaces, this model offers scrubbing widths of 75 or 82 cm and has a width of just 810 mm. Other features include front-wheel drive, easy battery access, comfortable seat and automatic squeegee safety while reversing.

Tel: +39 0376 55431. Email:


Specialising in cleaning systems for the glass and façade cleaning industry, as well as the nautical sector, is Baudoin Wash-System. Among the products being demonstrated on the stand are Aqua Force Pure Water Filter Units and Carbo Clean Pole Wash Systems.

These systems, which are customised and manufactured according to customer needs, can be built into trailers, commercial vehicles, tower wagons, electro wagons (City Washer), boats, marinas and onto large buildings for the cleaning of glass and façades.

Baudoin has launched a new leasing option whereby it can offer a complete Carbo Clean Pole Wash-System together with a commercial vehicle for one all-inclusive monthly price.

The company is also seeking distributors in the central and eastern Europe region.

Tel: +31 416 695 095. Email:


Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Ehrle is demonstrating its range of high pressure cleaning and car wash systems.

New from the company is the single-bay car wash SmartWash Plus with a reverse osmotic system. This self-service system combines 100 per cent no-touch and brushless technologies and is designed for use in applications where a large car wash would be too big.

Tel: +49 7303 16000. Email:


As well as supplying spares and accessories for all makes of vacuums, Qualtex manufactures its own range of machines. The AS100R+ and the AS200 will feature on the stand.

The AS200 is a 15-litre 1000-watt tub vacuum suitable for many applications. Features include on-board tool caddy, rubber furniture guard, 12 metre rewindable mains cable, large paper or microfibre dustbags and large brush-clean filter.

The smaller AS100R+ has a nine-litre capacity with an easy-glide five-castor design for stability. It also has a 1000-watt motor, on-board tool caddy, telescopic chrome steel extension wand and 10-metre rewindable mains cable.

The tool kit includes a mini turbo head which can be used to tackle pet hair and ingrained dirt. And the J-hook hose storage system keeps the hose tidy when not in use.

Tel: +44 1795 596750. Email:


Offering a coordinated range of hygiene equipment and consumables is Vectair. Its range encompasses automatic air fresheners and toilet cleaning systems, air purifying machines, hand washing and sanitising dispensers, urinal control systems, feminine hygiene products, baby changing stations and insect control solutions.

Among the products on the stand will be the Airoma and Micro Airoma automatic fragrance dispensers. Designed to deliver small bursts of fragrance at specific intervals, this system offers 14 fragrance refills with 3,000 metered sprays per can.

For odour control, V-Air uses advanced wick based technology and requires no batteries or harmful propellants.

Babyminder baby changing tables are said to exceed the highest European standards for hygiene and safety in dedicated baby change facilities.

Tel: +44 1256 319 500. Email:


Visitors to the Hygolet stand can see the S3000 automatic toilet seat sleeve, which ensures each washroom user has a clean and hygienic toilet seat.

Thanks to the touch-free operation, users do not even have to touch a winding mechanism or push a button - the sensor ensures that the plastic sleeve winds on automatically.

Other products in the Hygolet range include sanitary disposal systems, soap and towel dispensers, waste bins, toilet tissue dispensers, toilet seat cleaners and air fresheners.

Tel: +41 1 933 5656. Email:

All Care

All four of All Care's recently launched dispenser lines will be on display.

For areas where hygiene is at a premium - such as food processing and healthcare - the Mediq O-Line of soap dispensers incorporate elbow-operated mechanism and guaranteed optimum dose.
PlastiQline Exclusive soap and paper dispensers are made of a combination of black plastic with stainless steel and anti-fingerprint coating.

Boasting a good price-quality ratio is the Qbic-line, constructed in stainless steel. Finally,
the Wings line has been redesigned and now has fully welded covers of 1 mm (satin) polished stainless steel and anti-fingerprint coating.

Tel: +31 318 51 77 78. Email:


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