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15th of April 2010

Ecological bathrooms

Ecological cleaning leader Ecover has developed three new bathroom cleaners - Techno Swan Daily, Techno San Forte and Techno San Forte Spray.

Techno Swan Daily is a mildly acidic toilet bowl cleaner that cleans and freshens while preventing the build-up of limescale. Thanks to its high level of viscosity it adheres well to the bowl and is suitable for daily use.

For more powerful limescale removal there is Techno San Forte, which also gets rid of soap deposits. Select dosage is possible according to the amount of limescale and it can be applied as a spray.
Specially designed for all bathroom surfaces is Techno San Forte Spray, a ready-to-use limescale remover with a dense and stable foam. Chrome-friendly, it is suitable for regular use on all problem areas.

Tel: +32 33 09 25 00. Email:

Better formula

New for 2010 from Prochem Europe is S775 Extraction Plus, an improved formula replacing Extraction Pro, the professional low foam cleaning concentrate for use in carpet soil
extraction machines.

With new pH boosters to help break down heavy soil and grease and optical brighteners to enhance the visual finish of the cleaned carpet, Extraction Plus solution is clear and stable at high temperatures and dries to a powder residue. It incorporates a new low foaming surfactant system which helps prevent foam build-up on the carpet and in the machine recovery tank.

Developed exclusively for the healthcare market, B112 Neutra-SoftR is an all-in-one extraction cleaner, urine neutraliser deodoriser and rinse agent for use in carpet and upholstery soil extraction machines.  Neutra-SoftR eliminates urine deposits and odours by dual action acidic neutralisation of ammonia residues and odour pairing of complex malodour molecules. It is also Woolsafe-approved for use on wool carpets and rugs.

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Every aspect 

Delphis Eco has just developed its latest cleaning product to go for European accreditation. The company says every aspect of its manufacturing and supply process must comply with its ecological ideology. From product to packaging, to transport and delivery it prides itself on being as environmentally conscious as possible.

Its comprehensive line of industrial cleaners is said to be powerful, effective and safe.

Tel: +44 203 397 0096. Email: 

New technology

The new Total Eclipse laundry dosing system from Hydro Nova incorporates reliable pumps together with an electronic controller and data management system. The controller uses USB technology which allows rapid and advanced programming as well as instant data download for transfer onto Excel spreadsheets on a PC or laptop.

The three piece modular system is suitable for all laundry machines up to 60 kg. It controls up to six products and up to 20 different wash formulas and three dispense levels per product are available.

The latest addition to Hydro’s AccuDose family of dilution dispensers is the AccuDose II, which fully complies with the European water regulation EN1717 - guaranteeing water safety when connected to the public water supply.

The AccuDose II dilutes and dispenses up to four products and the four product models feature a patented Quad Diverter Valve, which eliminates any possibility of mixing. It provides accurate dilutions from 3:1 to 1300:1, handles flow rates from four litres/min to 14 litres/min and operates with cold or hot water. Operator use is said to be intuitive and there is no need for servicing.

Tel: +44 1344 488880. Email:

Sustainable detergent

PortionPac offers pre-packaged, pre-dosed high concentrate detergents which require no storage and no water connection. This system, the company claims, reduces the energy used in production, transportation, distribution and storage.

Solutions can be mixed at any water source, while the minimal packaging means less plastic waste. Formulations include ScrubPac for cleaning of above floor surfaces; BowlPac bathroom cleaner; GlassPac glass cleaner; and MopPacLITE neutral floor cleaner.

Tel: +1 312 226 0400. Web:

Natural processes

Industrial cleaning products from Novozymes use natural processes to clean and deodorise in ways which the company claims are beneficial for the environment. Bacteria and enzymes are used in place of harsh chemicals to leave hard surfaces, carpet, drains, upholstery, and even concrete clean and odour free.

This technology can also provide long-lasting odour control, as well as deep cleaning to remove grease and soil from carpet fibres and backing, grout and surface pores.

Product applications include hard surface and concrete cleaners, drain line and grease trap maintenance, carpet and fabric care products, odour controllers and waste eliminators.

Tel: +33 1 3015 2840. Web:

New concentrates

Following the launch of its ready-to-use line of cleaner-disinfectants, Aseptix has now introduced a line of Hi-Speed H2O2 based cleaner-disinfectant concentrates. These, the company claims, offer effective infection control, cost efficiency plus care for the environment and users.

The concentrates are available in all three existing Aseptix product lines for hard surface cleaning and disinfection: PuraSan Floor for basic cleaning and disinfection; UltraSan Floor for broad spectrum cleaning and disinfection; and CidalSan Large Area, specifically developed for food preparation and processing applications.

All are based on Hi-Speed H2O2, a technology that boosts the natural disinfecting capacity of a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, while maintaining the friendly characteristics of this molecule.

Tel: +31 294 230 113. Email:

Streamlining routines

Specialising in cleaning chemicals for general facility maintenance, commercial kitchens, laundry and textile hygiene is Kleen Purgatis. It works closely with customers to help them optimise and streamline daily work routines.

Consulting services and staff training are a significant part of the company's offering, to enable optimum performance in cleaning, disinfection and care. Automated dosing technology has also been added to the portfolio.

Tel: +41 44 7868668. Email:

Foaming units

Foaming has become an increasingly popular method of applying chemicals, as the contact time on the surface is longer - giving better cleaning results. Birchmeier Sprühtechnik offers a foam nozzle for all its spray units, from the 0.5 litre trigger sprayer McProper Plus up to the Clean Matic 5P which has five litres capacity.

The company has also developed a turnable and chemical resistant foam nozzle for the hand compression sprayer Clean Matic 1.25 P and E. Thanks to its compact size and flexibility, it says, this nozzle can distribute foam in difficult-to-reach places. The foam can be adjusted to the quality needed and due to its optimised flow rate it saves on chemicals.

Larger stainless steel foam units with capacities of 20, 50 and 100 litres are available - the mobile Indu-Matic units produce any foam quality needed with their adjustable liquid/air mixing device.

Finally there is a water line driven foam gun, the Vario Matic 1P. Using the integrated mixing dial the ratio between chemical and water can be adjusted from 0.8 per cent to 10 per cent, even during operation.

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