TTS launches double-sided mops for dual applications

7th of May 2014
TTS launches double-sided mops for dual applications

TTS introduced a new range of double-sided mops that can be mixed and matched to allow cleaners to combine two applications in one pass.

The company's Trilogy system of mops can be configured for washing and drying or washing and dusting. They can also be used on safety floors or on regular floors depending on the operator's needs.

"A waterproof film between the two sides of the mop enables the cleaner to use one side for wet cleaning and the other side for drying," said TTS European marketing manager Carla Zorzo.

"Another unusual feature of the Trilogy system is that it can used on vertical surfaces - in the bathrooms of hotel washrooms, for instance - as well as on floors."

According to Zorzo the system is also aimed at the healthcare sector as well as retail outlets, shopping malls and office blocks.

Each mop ‘side' is available in a range of four colours to tie in with colour-coding systems. The mop-holder is also double-sided and the mop head can be ejected by means of a pedal in order to prevent the operator from having to touch the mop.



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