Germ-repelling fabrics mooted for aircraft seats

22nd of October 2021
Germ-repelling fabrics mooted for aircraft seats

Aircraft-parts company Safran SA is conducting tests with hospitals on the efficacy of fabrics incorporating germ-repelling biocides.

The company is considering using such fabrics on aeroplane seats in a bid to reduce the time spent cleaning aeroplane cabins. Safran SA is also looking into the use of disinfectant sprays which could be applied to existing aircraft seats to protect against pathogens for up to a year.

Airlines rely on a quick turnaround of planes to keep all their flights on schedule. However, extra cleaning has been required during the pandemic to reduce transmission, restore passenger confidence and boost travel. And this slows everything down.

"The stakes are high for airlines," said Quentin Munier, head of strategy and innovation at the seat division of Safran SA. "A carrier that managed eight daily rotations on a given route before the pandemic can now do only six because of time-consuming disinfection procedures."

He claims that customers placing new orders are increasingly calling for fabrics with virus-killing properties integrated during the manufacturing process.

The International Air Transport Association has published a 32-page document on how to clean an aircraft cabin with recommendations including the thorough cleansing and disinfection of seats, belts and buckles between flights.

Aircraft cleaners are also advised to use a vacuum to remove loose particles from fabric seat covers and wipe all surfaces made of leather-like coverings. And visible stains should either be removed from fabric seats or the fabric should be replaced altogether, according to IATA.


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