Ettore launches sustainable new window cleaning system

17th of May 2018
Ettore launches sustainable new window cleaning system

New from Ettore is a window cleaning system that uses one-stage water filtration.

The EZ1PRO+ is sustainable, innovative and cost-efficient says the company's vice-president Europe Niels Ysbrandy.

"Traditional reverse osmosis systems require high maintenance and need electricity to operate them," he said. "They can also lead to a build-up of biofilms.

"The EZ1PRO+ has none of these issues since it is a one-stage, pure water filter system based on resin."

The system works particularly well in small-scale facilities and serves a niche in the market, he says. "The choice you make will depend on how much water you use each day and the quality of the water in your area," said Ysbrandy. "Reverse osmosis systems are more efficient in hard water areas.

"But the EZ1PRO+ is generating a great deal of interest because it is portable, compact, easy to operate."

The product is equipped with the Ettore Fastbag system which is said to allow the 12.5 litre resin bag to be changed quickly and easily. It can be used with either disposable resin or regenerable mixbed resin.

Using regenerable mixbed resin is said to be a sustainable option while also lowering the cost of the operation.



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