AI hand washing system set to improve compliance in hygiene-critical sectors

11th of June 2020
AI hand washing system set to improve compliance in hygiene-critical sectors

New from Fujitsu is an AI system designed to recognise when users are following recommended hand washing guidelines.

Aimed initially at the food industry, the Actlyzer is claimed to eliminate the need for intrusive and time-consuming visual confirmation of hand hygiene compliance.

Actlyzer leverages artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques to identify the complex hand-washing movements that take place during hand washing from video data captured on camera.

Gesture recognition using deep learning is a common AI technique. But when people adopt a good hand-washing technique, their hands overlap and are lathered with soap - activities that obscure detection points on the fingers and prevent accurate gesture recognition.

Developed in Japan, the Actlyzer system uses deep learning engines to capture and analyse the complex hand movements and repetitive rubbing motions that take place during hand washing. The system's ability to recognise a variety of subtle and complex human movements allows it to detect whether or not food business operators have washed their hands.

Under new regulations due to come into effect this month (June), Japanese food business operators will be required to implement stricter measures to ensure hygiene is in accordance with international HACCP food safety standards.

Actlyzer technology is said to require little training while allowing managers to easily determine whether or not someone is following the six steps for hand washing recommended by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

The company believes the technology could also be used to perform hand washing checks in hospitals, schools, hotels and other venues.


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