Adjust your cleaning practices to the ‘new normal’ with Steam & Fogging

28th of April 2021
Adjust your cleaning practices to the ‘new normal’ with Steam & Fogging
Adjust your cleaning practices to the ‘new normal’ with Steam & Fogging

As the world begins to readjust to a ‘new normal' post-pandemic, the key message moving forward is the importance of environmental hygiene - ensuring levels are as high as possible.

Environmental hygiene pertains to both good air quality and clean surfaces. Good ventilation inside buildings - leaving windows and doors open. Fresh air can reduce your risk of infection by over 70%. Ensuring effective cleaning of surfaces using appropriate measures requires something more...

OspreyDeepclean have used their industry knowledge to combine Dry Steam Vapour (DSV) cleaning technology with a novel accessory to create a unique steam & disinfectant mist decontamination application, used in conjunction with a certified EN14476 virucidal disinfectant. This combination of steam cleaning and a steam fogging, results in minimal aerosol or droplet dispersion, and allows for a greater level of environmental hygiene and disinfection on a more regular basis.

This type of sanitation is ideal for industries such as transport, leisure and hospitality facilities with high foot-fall and where hand contact/touch points will require on-going sanitising. The consummate contraption for cleaning contractors, deep-cleaning teams, pest control providers, in-house cleaning teams returning back plus owners and operators of small facilities.

To maintain good results clean using this process:

1. Fog all high-touch points and surfaces with the Decon device
With the DeCon device filled with certified EN14476 virucidal disinfectant and attached to one of our single phase steamers, decontaminate the area prior to any deep cleaning activities to create a safer environment for the cleaning operators to work in.

2. Use the steam machine to Deep clean the environment -
Steam clean and brush walls, floors, and all surfaces removing wiping residual moisture away with a microfibre cloth or mop attachment. This validated deep cleaning process does not need for additional chemicals.

3. Optional second disinfection (repeat stage 1)
After the steam clean has been completed, use the DeCon device again on surfaces and high touch-points to provides increased rates of residual efficacy.

OspreyDeepclean is renowned for pioneering Innovation in Steam Technology, and we will continue to design and deliver new applications when and where it is needed at critical times such as these.

Click here to see the fogger in action - decontaminating a gym.



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