Supervisor crucial in employee engagement, says ISS white paper

27th of August 2014
Supervisor crucial in employee engagement, says ISS white paper

ISS has published a white paper spotlighting how engaged employees are more productive, more customer-focused and more loyal. The paper - entitled - 'Employee engagement - the crucial role of the supervisor' - also finds that companies with high levels of employee engagement are more profitable.

Author Donna Brown of ISS describes how employee engagement can play an especially important role in improving business outcomes.

In 2012, original research was carried out to the deepen understanding of the drivers of employee engagement from the perspective of frontline service employees. Employee engagement is important for most service organisations because the majority of their resources are human capital.

Reaping the full benefits of employee productivity through maximising employee engagement could help many companies reduce costs and increase staff retention and competitiveness.

Research evidence suggests that employees' experiences and conditions at work are closely linked to the levels of engagement they feel. Studies recommend that organisations should seek to understand the facilitating drivers specific to their context by studying the management practices at their own highly-engaged units.

The white paper concludes that the measures designed to develop the interpersonal relationships between frontline service employees and their immediate managers and supervisors were the most important drivers for employees feeling more engaged at work.

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