Fimap Mxr scrubber needs less resources

31st of October 2012
Fimap Mxr scrubber needs less resources

The new Mxr scrubber dryer from Fimap has been developed as part of the company's Sustainable Cleaning Project - water, detergent, energy and noise levels have all been reduced. In addition CO2 emissions due to logistics have been lowered, while the machine recyclable rate has been increased.

Despite all these measures, Fimap says the Mxr can clean more square metres per hour. A device called Eco Mode reduces the noise level to 54 dB(A).

And because the Mxr is so compact, it needs less space for transport and that reduces CO2 emissions by 36 per cent says Fimap. It is constructed in materials that are highly robust and recyclable.

Read the latest special ECJ report on sustainable cleaning


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