DepurAir professional air purifiers new from Lindhaus

27th of January 2021
DepurAir professional air purifiers new from Lindhaus

DepurAir is the new range of professional air purifiers developed by Lindhaus. A PM 2.5 laser micro-dust analyser allows automatic management of the most suitable air speed to purify the environment in the shortest possible time.

The machine can also be operated manually by setting one of the four speeds. The air to be purified passes through a reflective flow tube with three UV-C LED lamps where 99.99 per cent germicidal action takes place.

The air, already devoid of live microorganisms, also passes through a HEPA filter H13 impregnated with a germicidal substance and guaranteeing a filtration efficiency of 99.97 per cent at 0.3µm.
Built in stainless steel, the unit uses little energy and is quiet in operation. This makes it suitable for all indoor environments such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals etc. There is also a battery-powered version.


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