Ride-on sweepers from Kärcher have patented features

26th of January 2015
Ride-on sweepers from Kärcher have patented features

The ride-on vacuum sweepers KM 105/100 R and KM 105/110 R from Kärcher incorporate a number of patent-protected features. Innovations include hydraulic forward travel drive, sickle-shaped brush, automatic adjustment of the roller brush between the rear wheels, automatic TACT filter cleaning, intelligent KIK operator system and a new bivalent drive design.

Hydraulic forward travel drive makes the sweepers easy to manoeuvre - they can rotate almost on the spot. The roller brush is positioned directly on the rear axle to ensure ground contact at all times when working on inclines or uneven surfaces. Rolling pressure and sweeping levels can be adjusted to three modes, with the machine starting automatically in a wear-resistant efficiency mode which is adequate for routine cleaning.


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