Johnston’s C201 Compact and V range capture data

26th of January 2015
Johnston’s C201 Compact and V range capture data

Introduced to Johnston’s C201 Compact and V range truck mounted sweepers as part of the new-generation CANbus electronics system, the latest Data Capture feature allows a wide range of data to be downloaded via a USB stick and viewed through any standard spreadsheet package, supplying fuel consumption and productivity feedback without the need for additional fleet management tools or software systems.

Fleet managers can view the average revs used in sweep mode, for example, and use this information to educate operators how to manage fuel consumption. The data also allows operators to see for themselves the possible fuel savings.

Johnston says on the C201 Compact sweeper a drop of 300 rpm will reduce fuel consumption by 2.3 litres per hour, so significant savings can be made on daily sweeping routes where higher revs are not required.

Click here for the latest ECJ report on sweepers


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