European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards 2018 Winner - Essity

24th of July 2019
European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards 2018 Winner - Essity

Since launching its Tork EasyCube sensor dispenser Essity has continued to develop the product to become a leading facility management software for data-driven cleaning. It was named Technological Innovation of the Year at the 2018 European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards.

The best innovations stay ahead of the game by evolving and setting new standards. Essity launched its Tork EasyCube smart dispenser in 2014 and since then it has developed it into a facility management software for data-driven cleaning. This empowers facility service companies to save time and increase satisfaction with customers and cleaning staff.

Tork EasyCube is not only sensor technology and software, Essity also evolved the service with a consultancy service run by customer satisfaction teams. They make the difference to customers by analysing their data and suggesting tangible improvements to cleaning routines.

Everything from coffee machines to washroom dispensers are being connected to the internet. Yet the value lies not in connectivity itself, but in the actions you can take based on the new information provided. When cleaning teams and their managers get real-time data about cleaning needs, the very logic for how cleaning can be done changes. It becomes possible to do exactly what’s needed.

Knowing exactly what’s needed means no time is wasted. More time means teams can go the extra mile when cleaning. Managers can feel safe that nothing is neglected, and analyse data over time to improve planning, purchasing and logistics.

In the cleaning sector people are the most important resource. Work feels meaningful when they know that every task matters, and better control means less stress and more balanced working.
And data-driven cleaning enables higher quality – no more empty dispensers and untidy areas. Instead it becomes possible to eliminate complaints and radically increase customer satisfaction.

Tork EasyCube is a software that empowers the team with data on cleaning needs, letting them see on a tablet exactly what’s needed, when and where. Sensors in dispensers and visitor counters measure refill levels and visitor numbers in real time. Real-time information in an easy-to-use application lets cleaners act on what’s needed, when and where. Easy analytics and instant facility overview let managers stay in control, plan and follow up with less time and effort.

From the first 100 customers the company gained valuable data and proof points that show the benefits: save up to 20 per cent of cleaning hours; reduce the number of cleaning rounds by 24 per cent with quality improved; guarantee that dispensers are replenished 99 per cent of the time; 30 per cent higher customer satisfaction; 89 per cent of dispenser checks become unnecessary; significantly improved staff motivation.

With new technology it’s not only about what you can do, but more why you should do it. In the long run there should be a clear, and proven, benefit from a business perspective but also from a people and society perspective. With Tork EasyCube cleaning staff feel more in control and less stressed, while at the same time being more effective. This can also result in reduced sick leave.

Some users gave their feedback on how it had impacted on their cleaning operations. Unilever, head of cleaning and infrastructure at Sodexo, Marc Mrotzek, said: “Tork EasyCube has enabled us to both improve customer satisfaction levels as well as increase our efficiency.”

“We stay ahead of problems. Before we had to check every dispenser, now we can see exactly what is needed, and we’re getting fewer complaints, which saves us a lot of time. It’s much more efficient,” says Linda Dolman, assistant team leader  for Apenheul in the Netherlands.

“The system enables us to improve the working day of our staff. We believe giving cleaning staff more control over their work will reduce stress levels and help make the work feel more meaningful, as the staff can spend time cleaning where it is actually needed,” said Ann-Catrine Gobbato Henningsson at Landvetter Airport.

“Cleaners can now easily clean about 12 floors during a business day and work more hours as we are not bound to short shifts anymore. They are happy about this change, which makes us an attractive employer,” adds Elmer Engel for D&B at World Trade Towers in Amsterdam.

Awards judge and editor of ECJ Michelle Marshall said: “The judges feel the continuing development of Tork EasyCube is making real impact on efficiency and productivity in the industry. Cleaning staff feel more in control and less stressed, and customer satisfaction levels rise.”

The 2019 European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards ceremony takes place at the Church Hall, Westminster, London on October 17. For details of how to reserve your place visit


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