Kärcher SGV 8/5 steam vac

4th of July 2014
Kärcher SGV 8/5 steam vac

The new Kärcher SGV 8/5 steam vacuum cleaner has been specifically designed to meet strict hygiene requirements in the food processing industry. One of its key features is an automatic self-cleaning action that prevents the formation of germs inside the machine on completion of work.

This model uses hot steam to remove fats and oils, limescale or soap residues and eliminate the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Steam is discharged from the floor nozzle under a continuous high pressure of eight bar.

For particularly stubborn dirt, a dose of 0.5 to three per cent detergent is added to cold water. After each use – immediately after using detergent or removing sticky dirt deposits – hoses, pumps and pipes can be automatically flushed to remove deposits and prevent germ formation.

The vacuum function can be switched on and off as required and the steam volume regulated via the control on the handle.



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