WISAG partners with start-up to deliver orders by e-cargo bike

1st of March 2023
WISAG partners with start-up to deliver orders by e-cargo bike

In Germany, facility services company WISAG has been running a successful pilot phase in Frankfurt with start-up company OneSpot. As a systems provider for urban logistics, OneSpot supplies properties with cleaning materials by e-cargo bike.

The partnership has been so successful it has now been extended to Cologne and will reach Berlin later this year.OneSpot currently covers the entire life cycle of cleaning agents, cloths, mopheads and other materials for around 30 of the Frankfurt properties served by WISAG Facility Service.

Its employees take over delivery and collection of the mopheads from WISAG's customer account managers and get them cleaned by professional service partners. It had previously fallen to the account managers to take these materials to their customers by car, and usually in the rush hour. By the middle of January this had already involved 239 deliveries and 819 kilometres driven - a trend which was rising rapidly.

In addition to the environmentally-sound reduction in CO2 emissions and urban car traffic, WISAG's customer account managers gain valuable time. "Inner-city traffic, often in the rush hour and sometimes also combined with having to search for a parking space, is no fun in large cities like Frankfurt," explained Marc Preuβner, managing director of WISAG Facility Service.

The heavier the urban traffic, the greater the benefit. WISAG Facility Service reckons to have around 300 properties In Frankfurt alone which would be suitable for supplying by OneStop. This would mean an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of at least 6.5 metric tons.



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