New SCA Tork packaging makes life easier

14th of March 2013
New SCA Tork packaging makes life easier

The new packaging for Tork paper hygiene products helps to make life easier for cleaners, says SCA Hygiene Products. Tork Easy Handling packaging has been designed to simplify everyday tasks such as carrying, opening, storing and discarding product bags and boxes. This, the company says, helps to reduce back and muscular strains.

The packaging was launched after a detailed observational study into the working life of cleaners. This revealed a large part of their day was spent carrying packages of paper towels, toilet tissue and other supplies to and from storage areas.

Tork Easy Handling Carry Pack and Carry Box have comfortable handles allowing staff to carry two packs at a time, one in each hand. The containers are easy to open without the use of scissors or knives and have features adapted to different finger sizes.

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