‘Win a diamond’ – sounds too good to be true?

11th of May 2022
‘Win a diamond’ – sounds too good to be true?

The Steam Italy stand has been attracting a lot of attention this week with its futuristic cleaning products and its perpetual soundtrack of hissing steam.

But the real draw has been the "Win a Diamond" signs displayed prominently around the stand.

However, there are no precious gems being given away this week. It turns out that Steam Italy actually manufactures a range of steam cleaners under the brand name Diamond. But there is definitely one of those to be won.

"We have had a lot of interest," says commercial director Stefano Fornoni, happily unaware that his stand visitors tend to be less excited when they leave than when they arrive. And to be fair, his Diamond steam cleaners are very beautiful with their jewel colours and their award-winning design.

Diamond models are designed for cleaning kitchens, ovens and bathrooms around the home, but the company also makes products for use in hospitals, hotels, commercial kitchens and other public areas.

"Steam cleaners are the future, though you need pressures of at least nine or 10 bar to achieve a proper clean," says Fornoni. "Many companies are now keen to introduce steam into their processes - both for hygiene and sustainability reasons."

But they might be even keener with an actual diamond in their hands.


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