Tork Reflex dispenser nozzle

7th of November 2018
Tork Reflex dispenser nozzle

An upgrade to the Tork Reflex paper dispenser is set to improve cleaning efficiency in a wide range of environments, says manufacturer Essity.

The unit now features a rotating nozzle which allows the user to quickly tear off a length of paper in one fluid motion and from any angle. This speeds up access to paper, making the task of cleaning both faster and more efficient the company says.

The new nozzle also enables the operative to access the paper using one hand for added convenience. And the fact the product is dispensed in single sheets reduces consumption.
Tork Reflex is particularly suitable for use in food preparation environments since the paper is completely sealed in its hygienic casing before use. It also works well in other environments including industrial, educational, retail and healthcare facilities.

Following the latest upgrade, Tork Reflex is now available in the Tork Performance line of dispensers which come in turquoise/white and white/white housings.


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